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    Posted on Nov 3, 2015

    18 Gordon Ramsay Insults All Servers Really Fucking Need

    Hey, panini head, are you listening to me?

    1. When a table leaves without tipping.

    2. When someone insists on ordering completely off menu.

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    3. When a table comes in and sits down just as you're cleaning up.

    4. When a customer clicks their fingers at you.

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    5. When someone asks you to clear their plate but they've barely touched their food.

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    6. When customers tell you their last meal here was rubbish but they're giving you another chance.

    7. When someone orders their steak medium rare and then complains about blood.

    8. When a colleague asks for loads of extra shifts but always does their job half-assed.

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    9. When a big party asks to all pay separately. And on card.

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    10. When someone gets their order wrong but then blames you for it.

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    11. When a kid who's clearly about 16 tries to order booze.

    12. When the chef's having a bad day and you're getting it in the neck from the customers.

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    13. When someone complains that their meal was too small.

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    14. When you're super busy and need something doing but everyone else is slacking off.

    15. When someone finishes their entire meal and then complains afterwards.

    16. When someone asks if you can "make it quick".

    17. When your manager is totally incompetent and you end up picking up all the slack.

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    18. When someone decides to "tip" by just leaving you all their unwanted coppers.

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