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Updated on Aug 30, 2018. Posted on Sep 24, 2015

29 Unmistakable Signs You're Both A '90s And '00s Kid

Being born in the early '90s gave you the best of both worlds.

1. You thought you could breed gooey aliens by placing them back-to-back.

2. You remember when Facebook was only for students, which only made you want it more.

3. A rumour went round your school that this kid killed himself.

RIP Frosties kid (who is still alive).

4. And that this man tragically died from a (he)art attack.

RIP Neil Buchanan (also still alive).

5. This was probably your very first phone.

6. Although when this came out, it was all anybody wanted.

7. Bang on the Door was everywhere.

Bang on the Door + inflatable chair = peak childhood.

8. You had one of these in your lunch box.

Or were jealous of your friends who did.

9. And these were also regular fixtures.


10. There was a time when your entire school had these round their wrists.

Which is kinda awkward now.

11. You remember when Sunny D got banned because it apparently turned some girl's skin yellow.

Your mum probably stopped you drinking it anyway, but it was soooo goooood.

12. You were either woken up at night all the time by your Furby, or you weren't allowed one at all.

Creepiest. Toy. Ever.

13. Pokémon briefly took over your entire life.

You remember when red and blue first came out, and they were a revelation, and then your whole year got completely obsessed with the cards, even though basically no one knew how to actually play.

14. And this moment from the TV show was heartbreaking.

15. You've watched every episode of Friends, but probably not when they first came out.

Warner Bros

Although you may have been allowed to stay up late to watch the finale.

16. You learnt to flirt by signing in and out of MSN Messenger.

Facebook: 136655679827997

Because they had to notice you eventually.

17. Before you were in a "complicated" Facebook relationship, you had a Bebo "other half of me".


18. You remember weird crazes like Crazy Bones.

19. And Beyblades.

Let it rip!

20. You and Harry Potter grew up together.

The excitement when a new book was about to come out was like Christmas x 100, and although you love the films, too, you know they're not quite the same.

21. You've had your heart broken by the Spice Girls, Boyzone, S Club 7, Steps, and Busted.

22. Your school tried to make you bring these in, because apparently it couldn't afford books.

There was always one smug kid who would come in with their even smugger mum and drop off a massive bagful.

23. You couldn't decide whether you'd rather be on Fun House or Jungle Run.

24. For about a year, everyone whizzed around on these.

25. You were a bit too young for an N64, so your introduction to gaming was with Crash and Spyro on the original PlayStation.


26. The original Guitar Hero was a serious obsession.

You might have even tried to take up real guitar because of it, but gave up after a couple of weeks when you realised it was too hard.

27. There was no point in living unless you were covered in body glitter.

28. You wore way too much Abercrombie, and now definitely regret it.

Also Hollister and Jack Wills – and it all cost you a fortune.

29. You lost The Game. All the goddamn time.

And now you've just lost again. Sorry.

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