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21 Things We Did In 2015 That'll Look So Fucking Weird In 10 Years

Glitter. Glitter everywhere.

1. All our mums started posting pictures of inspirational Minion quotes on their Facebooks.

2. But this was fine compared to actual Minion porn.

3. Men walked around with glitter in their beards, which even seemed like a terrible idea at the time.

4. And they also all got man buns. In the future, we'll look back at man buns in the same way we look back at wet-look hair-gelled quiffs now.

5. We all got completely obsessed with a savoury pear.

6. Some people gave their dogs perfectly square haircuts, and the dogs looked really sad about it.

7. We also made jewellery for our cats' buttholes.

8. Everyone rode around on these crap sideways skateboards and claimed they were hoverboards. Even though they clearly have wheels.

9. We got drunk in toilets.

10. Teens fucked up their faces trying to make their lips looks like Kylie Jenner's.

Sucking a shot glass really hard to your face was never going to end badly, was it? Oh.

11. People went to the beach in swimming costumes that were actually just a sock for their knob.

12. Everyone stopped fucking and started Netflix and chilling instead.

13. We made eggs do this.

14. And we put kale into smoothies, because clearly we hated ourselves.

15. Two brothers opened a café where they only sold bowls of cereal, and people actually went to it.

16. Someone invented these.

17. Thousands of us mourned the death of a random raccoon that died on the street in Toronto.

18. People said "same" or "it me" to basically everything that happened.

19. Everyone decided to go to some random kid's flute recital in California.

20. People made their fingernails look like this. For fashion.

21. And people listened to Iggy Azalea.

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