19 Completely Outrageous Headlines You Could Only Find In "The Sunday Sport"

From pissed-up poopers to pervert panto cows.

1. There’s the time they caught these bovine bum-sniffers in the act.

Just another problem this farmer has to deal with on top of “strict EU regulations” apparently.

2. When they knew something we didn’t about the Second World War.

How did we miss this when he was wearing a skirt all along?

3. Grandma’s in the paper? Oh, we must buy a copy!

Once you’ve had two bottles of vodka, there’s only really one thing left to do…

4. Living on an all-crisp diet affected Steve in the strangest of areas.

You know what they say, you are what you eat.

5. And on a similar theme, poor Howard suffered an even worse fate.

It’s difficult to see him winning this legal case.

6. Actually, penises seem to be rather a common theme in the Sunday Sport.

Edna actually spent every day of the war preparing for this moment.

7. Steve’s plight seems almost tame by comparison.

The Sport were right on the money with this scoop.

8. This headline literally has everything.

If only that badger cull had been more effective, poor Percy might still be with us today.

9. There’s also the the time The King was found to have fans on Mars.

His music has universal appeal.

10. Wondering where missing flight MH370 went? Well that’s in space, too.

They really should have looked there first.

11. This boy looks suspiciously like the North Korean leader himself.

“I’ve no idea who this Kim woman is,” says his mum.

12. No one can say The Sport isn’t committed to hunting down major criminals.

Santa will not be amused.

13. But sometimes, their stories are just too big for the world.

Those pesky Euro laws, ruining all our fun.

14. You can’t help but feel for poor old Ted.

It’s difficult to imagine what she might want with his wife’s ashes. Hopefully they got home safe.

15. Not so much sympathy for this bloodthirsty kid.

At least he put a kiss on the end.

16. Tiny, adorable animals are dangerous though, guys.

You would’ve thought she might be able to fight back.

17. Chris must be delighted that the football season’s over.

“I mean, does it look like I’ve got streamers coming out of my ears?”

18. Nasty way to go.

Deborah Meaden, this is all your fault.

19. Presented without comment.

To be fair, Quavers are pretty great…

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