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10 Secrets To Becoming Happier And More Successful That Everyone Should Hear

From An 18 Year Old Internet Entrepreneur

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10. Regardless of whom you talk to, everyone has a story: Listen.

First off, let me begin by saying I was never very good at this up until very recently. If somebody had a story to tell me, I would either find a way to avoid listening or just go searching in my own brain, while they were talking. It wasn't until I volunteered at a Feed the Hungry event that I discovered how vastly important it is to hear the stories of others. After helping prepare some of the meal essentials, a few other volunteers and myself were instructed to sit and converse with some of the individuals eating. Though no spot looked entirely interesting to me, I chose one near a man who was already talking amongst the table. I decided to say "what the heck" and begin asking the man some questions. Long story short, I ended up listening for over an hour. This homeless, but healthy man, had travelled all over the world racing horses amongst other incredible things, which were far to out of the ordinary to fake. Here was this man who I wasn't about to give the time of day, inspiring me on an extraordinary level. You never know when asking a simple question and taking the time to actually listen to the answer will change your perspective on all that you do.

9. Expand your horizons: Engage all of your senses to truly experience the world and never take for granted the abilities you are blessed with.

When I was in high school we had a staff-member and brilliant teacher who had lost her sight. As a senior, I was obligated to take a psychology course; my advice: if you have the opportunity, DO IT. As an activity one day, we were given a "blind-walk" assignment. We were instructed to choose a partner and then pick which of us was to be blindfolded first. I put the blind-fold on first (risk taker, I know) and my partner linked to my arm and gave me tasks to complete around the entire school. If you have never done this I recommend you stop reading and go attempt it. It was like being in an entirely different world and completely changed my perspective on human possibility. It also gave me a new found respect for a teacher. Experience everything in the sweetest way possible. Remember: you are blessed with what you have so, make the most of it. If you're searching for more... then design a path to get there.

8. Grudges will never get you anywhere. Forgive and forget or forgive and resolve.

Often times we forget that remaining angry or mad at someone is never going to fix the situation. To be completely honest, this tip has had a hugely positive affect on not only my personal life, but business as well. Now that you are reading this, you are entitled to being the bigger person (HA! Got you). But seriously, if you have a grudge with someone then you have two options. If It's someone that will be in your life in a substantial way, then forgive and resolve. As hard as it may be, I GUARANTEE you will be a happier person if you can resolve a conflict that has been persisting for a long time. If the person is someone who isn't a key player in your life then you can simply forgive and forget. Chances are, holding a grudge is the losing end of the battle. The other person has probably already forgotten and moved on to worry about far more important things. Remember, you have this knowledge so next time your in this scenario... be the bigger person. Being a KIND bigger person will never come back to haunt you.

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