Motherhood, As Told By Lucille Bluth, Emily Gilmore And The Dowager Countess

Loving their children since…what are you looking at? Make yourself useful and get them a drink!

1. As a kid growing up, your mom put up with you asking a lot of dumb questions.

2. So she always made sure you had good social skills.

3. But sometimes she would get a little bit mad at you.

Because you were giving her a headache.

4. Like when you were making noise while she was on the phone.

5. Or when you were pretending to be sick so you could miss school.

6. When you became a teenager, sometimes your mom didn’t understand how important your social life was.

7. She always busted you.

8. Even when you told her you were innocent.

9. Due to your teenage years, this happened a lot.

10. Which is why she needed some of these.

11. And why this conversation might’ve happened.

12. But just when you thought you were in the clear, she starts getting interested in your love life.


13. And sometimes gives your new significant other looks like this.

14. But she’s always there when someone breaks your heart.

15. And reminds you about what is really important.

16. And of course, she loves all of her children equally…

17. However, remember that she’s an actual person and not just your mom.

18. She’s pretty damn fabulous.

19. And likes when you call to say “I love you.”

20. Or spend some quality time together.

21. But most of all, she likes when you tell her she’s always right.

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