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23 Times We Were Obsessed With Sandra Bullock

Sandy, would you please, with cherries on top, be our best friend?

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1. Her laugh.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images / Via

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2. Anytime she partnered up with this guy.

Oh Keanu...
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Oh Keanu...

3. Like when she handled driving a dangerous, speeding bus.

Courtesy Everett Collection

4. Or tolerated a slow moving boat in a painful sequel.

20th Century Fox Film Corp/Courtesy Everett Collection

5. When she kicked ass and worked for the FBI while wearing heels.

6. And became an advocate for pizza, beer and world peace.

Basically the three best things ever.

Basically the three best things ever.

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7. When she insisted on filming Two Weeks Notice in NYC shortly after 9/11 to honor the city.

Warner Brothers/Courtesy Everett Collection

8. Basically anytime she has mentioned food.

9. But then stayed in awesome shape. Kudos, woman.

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

10. Whenever she made a goofy face like this.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

11. When she won a flipping Oscar.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images


12. And accepted it with class and grace.

13. When she left Jesse James after he cheated on her.


Bye, loser!

14. And then she became a super cool mom.

Fame Pictures

15. When she bossed around Ryan Reynolds.

16. And she brought bitchiness to a new level of relatable greatness.

17. While owning that ponytail and working that updo.

18. Also, when she danced like THIS.

19. Anytime she got into shenanigans.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

20. Like when she killed it onscreen with Melissa McCarthy.

21. And they had the perfect BFF chemistry.

22. When she acknowledged the ways of all the single ladies.


All the single ladies.

23. And just decided to be herself.

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