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    22 Signs You Might Be Tom Haverford

    No need to turn your swag on, 'cause it was never off. Get ready to treat yo' self.

    1. If you in fact, have off the charts swagger.

    2. But you never forget your roots.

    3. Even when you have friends in high places.

    4. You value dairy products.

    5. Because you are actually a culinary wordsmith.

    6. You integrate pop culture references into everyday life.

    7. You know how to win over the ladies with logic.

    8. Or just have a lot of confidence about doing so.

    9. You know how to work a situation.

    10. But you can call BS faster than anyone.

    11. And you know how to shut it down when it ain't working.

    12. You see all the haters.

    13. But I bet they don't know...

    14. You give great advice.

    15. And can count on your friends to help you out when you need it.

    16. You have mad business aptitude.

    17. So you rock great style.

    18. And sometimes dress up to show you're making ca$h money.

    19. You even have a sensitive side.

    20. But most importantly, you know how to do this.

    21. So go on, brush your shoulders off.

    22. Because you are Tommy Timberlake.