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22 Indications You Are The Sheldon Cooper Of Your Friend Group

It's not your fault you are a highly superior being.

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1. You are a bit of a control freak.

2. And a major germaphobe.

3. You're the smartest person you know.

4. And you react like this when someone tells you you're wrong.

5. You're just getting acclimated to hugs.

6. But always prefer this.

7. And other people showing emotion can make you uncomfortable.

8. You are focused.

9. And have zero time for idiots.

10. You kind of do this a lot.

11. And get super excited about the things you love.

12. Plus your wardrobe has people totally jealous.

13. You're pretty persistent.

14. And always have a great one-liner prepared.

15. You give amazing death stares.

16. And you're not afraid of a challenge.

17. People might think you're strange, but you know how to refute their claims.

18. You can be kind of a buzzkill.

19. But you still like to have fun.

20. And you know how to party.

21. But since you're good at everything, you might be a little too good at having fun.

22. And whenever someone tries to judge you, you're just like:

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