21 Signs You’ve Given Up On The Semester

Finals are coming up and it’s so cold outside you have to wear your Gore-Tex coat. Is it Festivus yet?

1. Winter break is so close, yet so far.

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2. Everyone’s freaking out about finals and you’re just like…

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3. And whenever your professors bring them up in class, you check out a little more.

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4. Because you’re a little preoccupied.

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5. You’re spending more time on the things you really love.

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6. So yeah, you’re giving up a little.

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7. You wear your glasses instead of your contacts because who cares anymore.

8. You’ve been eating leftovers for too long because you’re tired of cooking.

9. But you make it work.

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10. Your roommate wants to have an end of the year party before finals but you’re too Debbie Downer to handle it.

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11. And after a while, even conversations with your friends get a little tiring.

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12. You’re a little on edge with everybody because you’re exhausted.

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13. Suddenly, leaving your apartment is a drag.

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14. But when you do, it’s for something of the utmost importance.

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15. And let’s not forget about your social life.

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16. Some people might mistake your exhaustion for laziness.

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17. But that’s definitely not the case.

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18. You’re just riding out the storm until the holidays.

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19. But somehow you’ll pull yourself together and turn in a masterpiece of final exams and papers.

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20. And then it will FINALLY be winter break!

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21. But until then, just try and keep it together.

NBC / Via pbh2.com

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