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    These People Got Their Earwax Extracted For The First Time And It Was Grossly Hilarious

    "It looks like a cockroach!"

    It is theorized that some East Asians have dry earwax because of an evolutionary adaptation to the cold and dry environment that their ancestors endured. So, we got a few Asian-Americans to test that theory and get their earwax extracted for the first time, and boy were they CHANGED.

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    As Dr. Karimi explains, Asian earwax is a little different and tends to be dryer and more brittle.

    Kane was up first, and his ears were completely impacted with wax. What a glorious sight.

    Mikala went next, and her ears helped support Dr. Karimi's statement that using Q-tips to "clean your ears" is usually the main culprit for having wax stuck deep in the ear canal.

    Jess, who never uses Q-tips, went last. All of her wax was pushed to the front of her ear canal, which is what's SUPPOSED to happen. GO JESS!

    However, Jess wasn't all golden. Dr. Karimi noticed a bruise deep inside her ear that was from scratching days before.

    Next, Dr. Karimi used suction to harvest all those cornflakes.

    Mikala couldn't believe what she was seeing.

    After unhinging the wax from the skin, the doctor grabbed it with special tweezers.

    Then Mikala thought the doctor had done the unspeakable.

    Last up was Kane. And his wax was ginormous.

    It was all pretty hard to believe.

    Kane's other ear was just as blocked.

    The aftermath was truly a sight to behold.

    Curious to get your ears checked now?

    Special thanks to Dr. Kian Karimi of Pacific Eye and Ear.