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Couples Answer Tough Questions About Adoption

"A loving family can definitely help."

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We brought in a bunch of couples to look at the list of questions given to people considering adoption. Some of the issues they faced might surprise you:

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The couples were hopeful when they walked in that this would be a cool experience.

But right away they were at odds.

They really had to take a moment and think about every question.

And it only got more intense from there:

It was apparent that certain things wouldn't be right for a same-sex couple.

Some of the questions made the participants question their morals.

This couple considered mental retardation, from mild to severe, as they believe the success of the child relies heavily on nurture.

But this couple really had to discuss what they could and couldn't handle.

And they had to remind each other that this was a two-way street.

After finishing the paperwork, some of the couples realized they weren't quite ready to be a parent.

"This is too serious."

It made them sad to realize that every box on that paper describes a child out there.

And even though it was upsetting, this couple still felt confident that their love and support would be able to help a child out there, regardless of their mental state or genetic history.

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