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Bacon Lovers Meet Tiny Piglets For The First Time

This little piggy made Zach question his life choices.

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We told some die-hard bacon lovers that they would be taste-testing some gourmet bacon, but instead, we surprised them with a tiny piglet!

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Zach was ready to eat, but also suspicious from the start.

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"If you're fucking with me, I'm gonna be really upset."

Keith states the obvious. He's also here to EAT.

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Did we even need to ask?

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This is about to get REAL.

What could possibly make Kelsey squeal with delight?

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...or make THESE faces happen?

It's this little cutie! 🐷

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OMG. Squee.

Claudia fell in love, and swore off bacon.

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(We'll see how long that lasts.)

And Chris fell in love in a totally different way.

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Zach started to question ~EVERYTHING~.

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His conclusion: "Kinda...yeah."

Chris got a healthy serving of perspective.

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Seriously, LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!

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  1. Could you still eat bacon after holding a tiny piglet?

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Could you still eat bacon after holding a tiny piglet?
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    Yes, give me all of the delicious bacon! Sorry (not sorry), Wilbur.
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    I might, but I'd feel really guilty about it!
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    NO! That little face is life-changing!