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39 Reasons To Move To Toronto

Time to make your way to the Great White North.

Flickr: jtaylor77 / Via Justin Taylor

1. It's North America's boomtown.

Flickr: wyliepoon / Via Flicker: wyliepoon

Toronto has tripled its number of skyscrapers from 13 to 44 in the last 9 years.

2. Toronto just became bigger than Chicago.

Flickr: rockandrollfreak / Via Flickr: Freaktography

Toronto's 2,791,140 (and growing) vs. Chicago's 2,707,120 (and shrinking).

3. It's the world's most multicultural city.

Flickr: imuttoo / Via Flickr: Ian Muttoo

Nearly half the city's population was born outside of Canada.

4. Toronto does post-industrial in style.

Flickr: 40351463@N00 / Via Flickr: paula soler-moya

The Distillery District.

5. It even does sewage treatment in style.

Flickr: lewolf011 / Via Jackman Chiu

The R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant.

6. Toronto is clean. Like, really clean.

7. It's safe. Like, really safe. Maybe too safe.

Flickr: katerkate

Toronto police during the 2010 G20 summit.

8. Toronto rappers are polite and wholesome...

Flickr: 65386099@N05 / Via

Started from Toronto now we here.

...while the mayor smokes crack in the projects....

...and gets crunked in public...

... and uses foul language on the regular...

Flickr: doctorow

Rob Ford: always enough to eat.

... and nobody seems to see anything wrong with this picture.

Flickr: josephmorris / Via Flickr: Joseph Morris

9. Toronto's street meat is superior to yours.

Flickr: imuttoo / Via Ian Muttoo

Put me in your mouth.

10. St. Lawrence Market is one of the best in the world.

11. Peameal (Canadian bacon) sandwiches rock.

Flickr: lricharz

Carousel Bakery.

12. Brunch is the closest thing to religion they have.

Flickr: henryfaber

The County General.

13. Toronto makes better poutine than Montreal. Yeah I said it.

Flickr: lricharz

Classic poutine = fries, hot beef gravy and melty cheese curds.

14. Toronto's food scene gives any city on the planet a run for its money.

Bar Isabel.

15. Indy coffee shops outnumber Starbucks by a long shot.

Flickr: flossyflotsam

Te Aro coffeeshop.

16. Toronto was tolerant before it was trendy.

17. Its big hometown bank never goes bust.

18. Social housing looks like this.

19. It's Canada but Torontonians party on the beach every weekend.

Flickr: ericrobinson / Via bending light

Cherry Beach.

Okay, not EVERY weekend.

20. It gets pretty cold, but they don't seem to mind one bit.

... sometimes they mind.

21. The city has secluded islands just minutes away by ferry.

22. Kensington Market rocks...

Flickr: hyfen

Street music on Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington.

...and needs to keep fighting gentrification for Toronto's sake.

23. There's a neighborhood for pretty much everyone.

And anyone.

Flickr: stevenh / Via Flickr: sssteve.o

And everyone.

Flickr: 23775118@N06 / Via theharv58

24. They've managed to condense all of Asia into a single mall.

25. Toronto has six Chinatowns.

26. ...which is great because Torontonians are crazy for Chinese dumplings.

Flickr: calamity_hane

Mother's Dumplings restaurant.

27. Caribana is the continent's biggest bash.

28. There's a museum dedicated to shoes.

Flickr: palmdiscipline

Bata Shoe Museum.

29. The wildlife is always sharply dressed.

Via Instagram: @dzd_lisa

The stranded Ikea Monkey waits for his ride.

30. ... and helps with recycling duties.

31. The old-fashioned streetcars.

Via lezumbalaberenjena

32. It's New York... in the movies.

Flickr: 18378305@N00 / Via Canadian Pacific

33. There's a whole other city underneath the city.

34. (Some) Torontonians will always admit their faults (kinda)... the fact that their public transport is a bit sad...

...and the fact that the government is the sole provider of booze...

... and the soul-sucking sprawl eating up the surrounding farmland.

Flickr: ajcb / Via Carnotzet

35. But just past that mess is wine country...

36. ...and cottage country...

37. ...and some big waterfalls.

Flickr: davaodude / Via David Peckham

38. Jane Jacobs knew that Toronto was a great place to live...

39. ...but still too few know how cool this place really is.

Flickr: thefrankfurtschool / Via Kino Praxis

So pack a bathing suit and a parka and go north!