Game Battle: Hex Empire

Four armies battle for world domination! This casual strategy game will find love with fans of Risk and Dice Wars. If you ♥ it, show me some love! This week's game battle is all about who gets the most hearts, so if you love Hex Empire and hate Jack's entry (which, trust me, you will), shower this post in red hearts and send some broken ones his way.

Scott Lamb • 9 years ago

Ryan Lochte's 18 Fashion Rules

He calls his personal style "rockstar swagger." He dreams of becoming a clothing designer. His idol is Lil' Wayne. And he's shaping up to be the face (and abs and pecs) of the U.S. Olympic team. Let's see what we can learn about fashion from this spectacular male specimen.

Amy Odell • 5 years ago

9 Amazing Ways To Get Tipsy (Or Drunk) Without Your Usual Wine Or Beer

Booze is delicious in edible dessert form. It's also spectacular in its God-given beverage form. Here are nine summer cocktails you must try the next time you either a)need something stiff for yourself or b)don't want to disappoint a houseguest.

Food52 • 5 years ago