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How To Throw A Party Like A Real Adult That Isn't Painfully Boring

Host a refined rager with the Sonos One, a smart speaker with Alexa built in.

1. Buy everything you need days, not hours, ahead of time.

2. Send invitations.

3. Overestimate how much food and drinks you'll need.

4. When it comes to food, don't just get chips.

5. Give your neighbors a heads up about the party.

6. Invest in some nice wine glasses.

7. Leave out coasters.

8. Make a grown up party playlist.

9. Hang some decorative paper or streamers up to make a photo booth.

10. Take people's coats when they show up.

11. Make sure there's enough toilet paper.

12. Hang up hand towels in the bathroom.

13. Two words: board games.

14. Have a backup bottle opener.

15. Make plenty of ice.

16. Give people places to sit.

17. Take a second to look around and enjoy yourself.

18. Start the clean up before you go to bed.

From the planning to the partying, the Sonos One and Alexa can help you with everything you need for a good time.