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Things We All Do But Don't Talk About

Admit it, you watch your own Snapchat story.

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Watch your own snapchat story over and over

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Because it has to be perfect.

Delete embarassing snaps after a night out

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Make sure your Insta pics flow nicely together

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Because you think you can one day become Instagram famous.

Always post the pic where you look good no matter how tragic your friend looks


Try out all the filters before you choose one

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You usually end up using the same one everytime

Google yourself

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You eventually end up on your old MySpace page and are full of regret.

Take dozens of selfies before you find one you like

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Tell people you "accidentally" unfollowed them

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"I have this app that unfollows my ghost followers. I am SO sorry I will definitely follow you back."

Listen to a song on repeat until you memorize it

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You just want your friends to think you're cool.

Never take only one quiz on BuzzFeed


Go to events or places only because you want to Instagram and Snapchat it


Have no idea what your doing 99% of the time

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