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15 Things You Only Understand If You're From The South

I would deep fry this post if I could.

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1. The weather is usually hot and humid or rainy hot and humid.

Comedy Central / Via

2. If it ever snows, all hell breaks loose

HBO / Via

Everyone gets bread and milk from the grocery store. Good luck finding a parking spot.

3. And it could very well be 70 degrees the following day

Sony Pictures / Via tumblr

4. Which leads to tornados

Warner Brothers / Via

5. When a restaurant doesn't have sweet tea

Bravo / Via

6. We have a special kind of language like the term "y'all"

New Line Cinema / Via

7. And phrases like "bless your heart"

Columbia Nashville / Via

8. People say you have an accent but you swear you don't

Lionsgate Television / Via

9. Tailgating means it's acceptable to be drunk at 10 AM

Bravo / Via


The CW / Via

Fried, unhealthy, and DELICIOUS

11. Churches on EVERY corner

Walt Disney / Via

12. Saying "please," "thank you," "yes/no ma'am/sir," etc.

Lionsgate Films / Via

13. College football

ESPN / Via

14. American flags EVERYWHERE

TBS / Via

15. Being super friendly to everyone, even people you hate

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