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15 Signs You Are A True Auburn Man Or Woman

We believe in Auburn and we love it!

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1. You try to strategically determine which Chick fil A line is moving faster

2. When someone in front of you takes more than 2 seconds to order their food

New Line Cinema / Via

3. Walking down the concourse

TLC / Via

4. Riding the transit

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5. When you send your parents the link to the article "Auburn ranked among nation’s toughest colleges to get an ‘A’"

20th Century Fox / Via

6. Filling out your course evaluations at the end of the semester

7. Rodeo

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8. You get lost in Haley on the first day of class every semester

Muse Productions / Via

9. Getting vague AU Alerts

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10. Parking services

11. Walking to class in the heat

Comedy Central / Via

12. Watching Auburn football / Via HBO

13. When your name gets called at callouts

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14. When you see Aubie

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15. Realizing that we are all one big family

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