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Why Choose Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is not just a transit point or a commercial hub in the Asian region but it’s also a fascinating travel destination with mind blowing attractions, beautiful people, blood pumping adventures and a wide range of cuisine which would cater all your itinerary needs.

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Sri Lankan people come from different walks of lives and possess a very friendly nature with smiling faces and an eagerness to help those who visit the country. Being ranked as the 5th Most Generous country in the world, Sri Lankan people take pride in serving their visitors.


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The country can be well described as a nation that serves rice and curry but its cuisine also includes an assortment of fresh seafood and tropical fruits. Kottu and Ambulthiyal is a must try when in Sri Lanka!

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Awaiting a beach getaway? If you are heading to the sunny isle of Lanka plenty of good times in the sun, sand and sea await you. 5 star hotels in Colombo will provide surprisingly affordable accommodation with wonderful ocean views to make your getaway a better one!


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Sri Lanka is rich and unique in cultural diversity and includes a plethora of customs and rituals handed down from its ancestors. Cultural festivals which give life to ancient traditions and religious parades which are unique to this little island should not be missed during your vacay!


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Shop till you drop and be spoilt with the choices the country has to offer. If you like shopping, there are many up-coming hotels and resorts in the city like One Galle Face and similar others that you can stay at.

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Adrenaline junkies – Sri Lanka can offer a range of options to have fun during your holidays. White-Water rafting, diving, snorkelling, surfing, mountain biking and hiking are popular activities for the tourists visiting the country.

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