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Underwater Shipwreck Sites In Maldives That Should Be On Your Bucket List

An ultimate underwater exploration, wreck diving amidst a spectacular underwater tropical diving paradise is an experience your inner adrenaline junkie should not miss. The rusty relics of many sunken ships on the ocean bed make an otherworldly site for stunning marine life; the ideal diving spot and probably the wow factor of your entire vacation. Let’s skim through the best underwater shipwreck sites in the Maldives!

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Kuda Giri, South Male

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Accessible all year round, the Kuda Giri dive site is located 22km south of Male. With a depth of 31 metres, this is the perfect spot for intermediate divers and those looking to see vast colonies of marine life and soft corals. Diving enthusiasts based in nearby resorts such as Adaaran Prestige Vadoo can plunge into the warm waters and look to explore such sites.

Maldives Victory, North Male Atoll

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On February 1981, a Singaporean cargo ship slammed into the ocean bed, creating one of the most spectacular homes for many species of marine life. The site around the Maldives Victory provides impressive underwater visibility to spot rare species of pelagic life such as scorpion fish, honeycomb moray eels, mantis shrimps and much more.

British Loyalty, Addu Atoll

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Sunk during an active battle by the Japanese at the end of World War 2, one could even call this dive site an underwater British museum. The 140-metre long ship was attacked with a torpedo, which left a large hole on one side of the vessel through which the divers could enter the vessel to explore it up close. Home to over 700 species of fish including rare kinds such as leaf fish, nudibranchs, frogfish and even wondrous manta rays, the Addu Atoll thankfully missed the coral bleaching known as El Nino.

The Liffey and the Utheemu 1 and 2, Kudahuvadhoo Island

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Now an underwater paradise, the “Liffey”, which was once a part of the British Empire’s famous “Flying Squadron” and the “Utheemu” that sank in 1960 have been preserved due to the remoteness of the Dhaalu Atoll. The site is often visited by green sea turtles, Napoleon wrasse, reef sharks and manta rays.

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