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Romantic Dhoni Cruises In Maldives – A Journey To Remember

Nothing screams that perfect romantic getaway like a cruise on a traditional Dhoni with a glass of bubbly in one hand and your beloved in the other. A unique and luxurious experience amidst a stunning waterfront spectacle, this romantic excursion is one to cherish for a lifetime. Intrigued to hop on board a Dhoni with your sweetheart? With luxurious Dhonis amidst spectacular views, Maldives awaits to welcome you to your ideal vacation.

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What are Dhonis?


Built with coconut palm timber, Dhonis are handcrafted multipurpose sailboats that are powered by either a motor or lateen sails. Originally used for the purpose of fishing, these vessels were infused with luxury and sophistication to cater to exciting excursions and romantic escapes for tourists visiting Maldives from all over the world.

Romantic Dinner Cruise

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A unique experience craved by many couples, a romantic dinner on a Dhoni is a memory to hold dear for a lifetime. Share this ideal moment with your partner, on a luxurious boat under the starry night amidst a picturesque spectacle. Lovers looking to experience such unique moments can consider resorts such as Baros Maldives.

Sunset Sailing

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Basking in the romantic ambiance of the evening, you can share an intimate sunset with your significant other on a Dhoni. The ideal celebration of your love, sunset sailing on a traditional Dhoni in Maldives is an intimate experience you cannot miss during your romantic getaway.

Adventurous Excursions

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Adding a touch of adventure to your romantic getaway, snorkelling under the blue waves is an exciting activity one can try out as part of your Dhoni cruise. Head off to a secluded reef and explore the stunning marine life of Maldives hand in hand with your significant other.

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