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Melbourne’s Best Breakfast Spots - 6 Must-Visit Breakfast Spots For Every Foodie

When you are revelling in the rich culture and exciting nightlife of Melbourne, it is only natural to crave for the amazing culinary delights of the city. Just as diverse as the blend of cultures in Melbourne, the cuisine too is blessed with an equally diverse mix of culinary adventures. If you are looking to relish the best breakfast delicacies after the perfect night out, skim through this low-down of best breakfast spots handpicked by die-hard foodies.

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Cumulus Inc.

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Better known as an “eating house and bar”, Cumulus Inc. is where you are supposed to be when you are on the lookout for Melbourne’s unique architecture and incredible edibles. Set up for your every whim; breakfast, lunch, dinner or a mere glass of red wine and good company, Cumulus Inc. is located within easy reach of accommodation options in Melbourne such as Oaks Southbank.

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With signature ingredients; house fermented yoghurt, crayfish and wallaby, The Kettle Black is popular for that ideal breakfast ambience. A welcoming and idyllic vibe, the cafe features Melbourne’s old-timey spectacle of St. Andrews at the entrance.


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Usually the popular choice of those who visiting Palace Westgarth Cinema or Terra Madre, Barry is committed to serve their health food fanatics with a special gluten-free menu. At Barry, you can either choose a gluten-free breakfast with poached fruit and granola on the side with lime syrup and strawberries or embrace your vacation mode and choose a flavourful towering Wagyu beef burger.

Archie’s All Day

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The ideal vacation package, at Archie’s All Day you can start the day with a burger and a beer or a glass of red wine. Archie’s turns back the clock and blends the early 2000s cafes with modern interior design infusing that welcoming vibe with its appetising and diverse menu. With Za’atar eggs, huevos sucio and Sichuan mapo tofu, the culinary sensations at Archie’s offers flavourful options for both vegans and vegetarians.

Industry Beans

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With dishes specialising in the brunch spectrum, Industry Beans features a range of crispy in-house baked goods. From Wagyu burgers on brioche to truffled eggs with zucchini ribbons and artichoke crisps and coffee, this cafe is a great place for those looking to start the day with a wholesome breakfast.

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