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Cool Things To Do While You Are In Colombo

With so many things to see and do in Sri Lanka, it’s quite easy to get lost with countless options in the city. Here’s a few that might sort that endless list out!

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An Artsy Affair

Kala Pola ©Indi Samarajiva/Flickr / Via

Colombo has its fair share of ancient paintings and sketches – most of which can be found at the National Museum. If you’re looking for more modern types, many art galleries in the city exhibit local talent.

Sea food lovers gather here

DBSJeyaraj / Via

Om nom nom! Being a lovely island, Sri Lanka is quite popular for its abundance of seafood, which can be found almost anywhere! Feast on juicy prawns, spiced crabs and varieties of fish that are cooked in numerous ways, especially is any hotel in Mount Lavinia, while you’re on the island! 🦀

Tuk Tuks

Harbhajan Singh / Via Twitter: @harbhajan_singh

The best way to travel around the city, and most exciting too! Hop in to these colourful vehicles as they whizz past (and sometimes drive on the wrong side of the road) traffic. You’ll be able to grab a tuk tuk outside most hotels in the city such as Siddhalepa ANARVA Mount Lavinia, but check if the meter works before getting in!

Eat Kottu


This popular street food needs to be at the top of your ‘Things to eat’ list while in Sri Lanka. Forming a combination of diced rotti, vegetables and meat and laden with spices, this exotic meal will leave you craving for more! 🍝

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