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    Here Are Ten Uplifting ideas From Strong Female Leaders

    Balancing Motherhood and Work / Via Google Images

    The hardest part is finding the balance between motherhood and work. But the best part is taking control of your own life, employing and empowering a team of women, creating jobs for people and making a difference in their lives. Another best part is believing and knowing you can do it, even through all the hardships. - Jennifer Yen

    Female entrepreneurs / Via

    It’s definitely an exciting time to be a female entrepreneur and to see how industries across the board are changing. In general, the male/female dynamic is undergoing a massive shift and that’s translating into a balance of power in the workplace and in relationships. What we’re experiencing isn’t about women gaining power over men, it’s about women learning to fully stand in their power, instead of being overpowered. And I think a lot of it has to do with how we view ourselves. Two fundamental elements to success are boosting self-worth and eliminating negative and limiting beliefs. When you elevate the way you view yourself and eradicate your fear, you automatically open the door to abundance in your life. So I would want women to fully own their power and know they’ve earned their positions. - Sonia Isabelle

    Having a Passion for Your Work / Via Google Images

    I believe that for any aspiring professional, the secret to success is a passion for your work. PR is a profession that never stops. While most people are able to leave work and let go of their latest concern or issue, publicists are not as fortunate. For that reason, and many more, my number one piece of advice to any young aspiring publicist is to make sure that you truly love the field. Do your research, intern, reach out to working professionals that you admire and be honest with yourself.- Giana Elenterio

    Leadership / Via Google Images

    I think the biggest advice I have for leaders is to set clear goals. What are you working towards or what are you trying to accomplish? Know what you are trying to accomplish as a team daily, weekly, monthly, and even beyond and then delegate (if needed) to get those goals accomplished. The first thing I do every morning is write down my daily goals and the key things that need to happen for the day, as well as their order of importance. - Heather Jackson

    Try new things in business / Via Google Images

    Start from a place of yes. I love to try new things and believe there is no such thing as a crazy idea. The answer to most questions should be a cautious yes. Companies that don’t evolve die, so a willingness to try new things and to consider all ideas gives a company its best chance for success.- Janine Yorio

    Have an open door policy

    Canadian broadcast corporation / Via

    Have an open door policy. I invite the team to come in and discuss everything from smaller problems to bigger issues at a high level. I think it is important to create a relationship with your employees in order for them to feel comfortable enough to bring any size problem to you and have a conversation about it, whether at the corporate or studio level.

    Being open allows your team to lean on you as needed. You can trust that they’ll come to you when they need to, as long as you’ve made it possible to do so. - Sarah Luna

    A Good Leader Should be Fair / Via Google Images

    A good leader, regardless of gender, should always strive to be fair, responsible, and always encourage trust by identifying that which unites the team. Demonstrate your common goals, then empower each member by reminding them how much their actions and work will influence the team’s shared ability to reach these goals. - Laure-Cecile Lafond-Fenonjoie

    The only limitations are the ones we set / Via Google Images

    ‘Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds’. This principle has really guided me. Whenever I have an idea about endometriosis, or life in general, or a goal I want to accomplish — I am an outside the box trailblazer. If I believe it, I can make it happen! - Dr. Iris Orbuch

    Transparency is so important / Via Google Images

    I think transparency is so important, especially in today’s digital world. We want to feel good about the choices we make, the products we use, and the people we support. This was a big part of my decision to partner with SocialEras: they’re making a commitment to their customers to be transparent, and committing to working with manufacturers that are socially responsible, innovative, ethical, and eco-conscious. My movement would be to inspire our industry thought-leaders and big businesses to do the same — practice transparency and maintain an honest, open dialogue with their followers/consumers. - Jaclyn Johnson

    Learn from your obstacles / Via Google Images

    You’re going to run into obstacles. When you do, look for a way to make them learning experiences. Ask questions and learn new techniques to get through any obstacles in the way. This is also a call back to my previous tip. If you hit a challenge you can’t overcome, don’t give up — ask for help!- Alexandra Miranda