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10 Naughty Pets We Could Never Stay Mad At

Bad never looked so cute!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite photos of their pets so we could reveal what their pets were thinking. Here are some of the naughtiest of the bunch and their secret thoughts!

1. This smug saboteur.

brittanym4f7d83870 / Via

"Your screenplay sucked. One day you'll thank me for this."

2. This rambunctious rebel.

ashlynb4517e7f63 / Via

"Show me the law that says it's illegal for DOGS to open your mail. SHOW ME! I'll wait..."

3. This toilet roll thief.

brookeh48850f9db / Via

"Oh, you're home early. I can and these toilet paper rolls are just friends! We met in college! Right, guys??"

4. This master of the surprise attack.

Emma Craigen / Via

White dog: "A belly rub would be nice."


5. This grumpy jailbird.

ham0286 / Via

"You win this round, Fox in Socks. You win this round..."

6. This cat who is definitely plotting something.

fallynp / Via

"Don't make me regret not getting rid of you."

7. This pupper who doesn't understand the meaning of "sharing."

dmeitzler / Via

"I don't have a problem. I can quit any time I want!"

8. This TOTALLY innocent doggo.

lisetteirenew / Via

"Seems like the plant was getting more attention than me. Such a shame something happened to it!"

9. This pup who may or may not be stuck.

n4cc5c0e6a / Via

"Of course I didn't forget Valentine's Day! I made you this...uhhh, cape! Yeah, that's it...this cape."

10. This dog who is totally not a secret villain late at night...

fernthecat2892 / Via

"We fight at dawn!"

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