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18 Times "Girls" Looked Like Your Twenty-Something Self

Because sometimes tv shows just get you...

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1. When you don't know where your life is headed.

2. When you do an occasional grown-up thing and consider yourself a 'grown-up'.

3. When you wish someone would tell you who to be.

4. When you realize that becoming an adult is still something you're working on.

5. When you get a job that requires you to show up daily.

6. When you're your own worst critic.

7. When you try to justify yourself to your parents.

8. When you try to process how you feel about the way you're living your life.

9. When you question what friendship even means. / Via

10. When you're cohabitating with your significant other.

11. When you spend way too much time Facebook stalking.

12. When you finally own and accept who you are.

13. When you measure your life in experiences.

14. When others try to get you to live in the moment.

15. When you speak up for yourself.

16. When you can't turn your brain off.

17. When you just have to break out in dance.

18. When you think you've figured out who you're going to be.

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