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    10 Ways To Your Liven And Brighten Up Your Space

    It's easier than you think.

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    1. Decorate with temporary wallpaper. Peel-and-stick removable paper is a great alternative for renters who can't commit to a more permanent solution.

    2. Play around with wall color (aside from just white). Homeowners can dabble in brightly painted walls and ceilings to help liven up a space.

    3. Adorn your walls with artwork. It can be a gallery wall or a single piece — you'd be surprised how much life can be injected into a space via wall decoration.

    4. Place a vibrant rug on your floor to make a room seem more cheerful and dynamic. Or you can choose a neutral to make a room seem bigger!

    5. Keep curtains gauzy to allow for as much light as possible! Hanging ornate drapes may seem appealing in style, but the lighter, the better!

    6. Add metallics via decor to transform a dark and dreary room to one with more warmth. Metallics can make a room feel more luxurious and can reflect light.

    7. Utilize a neutral color scheme instead of bold color, because white walls are cool too! Neutrals are just as much your friend and can produce a very calming effect.

    8. Hang a mirror! You can opt for a single large one or gather a few smaller ones.

    9. Feature lucite furniture in a room, since it does most of the work for you. It provides a sleek look without blocking light from reaching far into corners.

    10. Use light fixtures that don't appear ornate or heavy. This may seem obvious, but if a room needs more light and you've got limited windows...add more light fixtures! But pro tip: make sure lamps aren't heavily carved and that lampshades are translucent.