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    26 Wardrobe Staples That'll Never Go Out Of Style

    You're gonna love these things for a longggg time.

    1. Nude pumps that are actually comfortable enough to wear from work to dinner to a concert. Yes, actually.

    2. Dark wash jeans for every occasion. You can dress them down, dress them up, pair with heels, pair with sneakers, etc. The possibilities are endless!

    3. A black clutch for day or night use that'll go from handheld to over-the-shoulder in just minutes.

    4. Sunglasses with polarized lenses so you never again have to experience "the squint" during your next beach day or park visit. They're also made from wood!

    5. A formal blazer that'll help you unleash that girl boss vibe that lives and breathes inside you!

    6. Athletic shoes you can slip on for everyday errands or that early AM jog.

    7. A cozy flannel shirt to rest and relax in on the weekend. Or to throw on while chopping wood.

    8. A denim jacket to throw over any outfit for instant cuteness.

    9. A maxi dress that'll become a go-to warm weather dress, especially when you pair it with adorable wedges.

    10. A trench coat that'll create a stunning silhouette and can be worn even when it's not raining.

    11. Leggings you can work out in, never leave the couch in, etc.

    12. Chelsea boots so versatile, you can wear them with jeans or dress pants.

    13. Jogger pants that'll probably replace your jeans altogether. They'll become your lazy day pants.

    14. Cashmere gloves so your hands will remain toasty warm even during the coldest of days.

    15. And to pair with those gloves, this cashmere scarf can be the winter accessory you need.

    16. A button-down shirt for business meetings, brunch with your mom, and everything in between.

    17. Ballet flats to slip on when you want both style and comfort.

    18. A pair of hoop earrings because accessories are honestly the best part of an outfit.

    19. Classic tees everyone should own. I mean, these are wardrobe basics. If you don't own, BUY NOW!

    20. An LBD that'll come in handy more times than you can even imagine.

    21. An oversized sweater you can ~French tuck~ to your heart's desire.

    22. A bomber jacket to up your streetwear game. Now where are those paparazzi?

    23. Hunter rain boots so you can splash around in puddles, successfully keep your feet dry, and look cute doing it.

    24. Oxfords that'll make a fashion statement during your next presentation at work. Pair with patterned socks for full effect.

    25. An athletic sweatshirt for a post-sweat session. You can throw this over your workout tank when you head home from the gym.

    26. And finally, a leather jacket to remind you how badass you are. Just in case you forget.

    Damn, you look fine.

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