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    27 Things You'll Probably End Up Using Seven Days A Week

    Because these products are just so darn useful.

    1. A motivational planner to keep track of exactly which days you've marked as future vacation. Oh, and to also keep track of lunch appointments, big meetings, due dates, etc. Work hard, play hard.

    2. Blue light–blocking glasses for reducing digital eye strain. If you sit in front of a computer for hours on end (or use your phone wayyyyy too much), then these are for you! They can leave your eyes feeling way less dry and tired from screen time.

    3. A makeup remover cloth that only needs water to lazily remove everything at the end of a long day. No more sleeping in last night's makeup because you couldn't keep your eyes open long enough to remove your eyeliner and mascara.

    4. A handheld back massager with six speeds, six nodes, and six modes. This device will provide a deep tissue massage to restore tired muscles. Yes, please!

    5. A Rubbermaid produce saver that'll lengthen the lifespan of your groceries by regulating the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide and preventing moisture build-up, slowing down the spoilage process. Now you'll actually get your money's worth of all those fruits and veggies you buy every week.

    6. Mario Badescu facial sprays for mid-day hydration to help soothe tight, dry, and tired skin. You can choose between cucumber and green tea, herbs and rosewater, and chamomile and lavender. No matter which, you'll always look forward to a refreshing pick-me-up.

    7. A set of drawer organizers to finally get your undergarments and socks into heavenly order. The set of four is mold-proof and can fit bras of all sizes (plus scarves and light tanks).

    8. A bottle of La Roche-Posay salicylic acid cleanser that'll rid your skin of excess oil and fight any and every type of breakout you may experience (whiteheads and blackheads included).

    9. Color-coded cutting boards, because mixing raw meats with veggies when prepping food is unsanitary! They're pretty flexible, too, so you'll be able to bend them to funnel ingredients into bowls.

    10. A hair finishing cream to help tame those annoying baby hairs that surround your face when you throw your hair into a messy bun or ponytail. Sometimes you don't have the energy or time to fully style your locks, so you need a quick-fix.

    11. A mini steamer so you never again have to pull out the ironing board for last-minute touchups. It'll produce steam in two minutes and last a full 15, so you can tackle your pants and shirt without having to refill the water tank.

    12. A Baggu reusable tote that'll squash your dependency on plastic bags. You can bring one with you while grocery shopping or just running errands. Plus, since it can fold into a small pouch, you can throw it into a larger bag if you're traveling.

    13. A Wet Brush with soft, flexible bristles to get knots out of wet or dry hair without ripping puffs out, so your styling time won't be a painful experience. It'll also work on all hair types, no matter how thin or thick.

    14. A pack of incredibly gorgeous silicone straws so you can ditch the traditional plastic one given to you in your iced coffee each morning. The environment ain't gonna save itself.

    15. An OXO dish squeegee that'll help clear leftover food from dishes, countertops, and sinks. It'll make your cleaning process that much easier so you don't have to waste water. Less water = lower water bill.

    16. Magnetic twist ties so versatile, you'll use them all over the house. They can wrangle wire, close snack bags, hang keys, and collect pens. Whatever you use them for, the magnetic ends and silicone bands are so strong, they won't break.

    17. A PopWallet+ that combines the convenience of a wallet with the stability of a PopGrip. Now you can take that selfie on your way to meet your best friend without fear of your phone falling onto the subway tracks. Andddd you'll have your credit card handy for that late-night slice.

    18. A 15-piece makeup brush set with ultra-soft bristles so applying your makeup will become a breeze. The marbled handles and copper accents mean you'll actually want to leave the brushes out on your bathroom countertop.

    19. A charging pad to make charging that much easier and faster. It's compatible with iPhones, Samsungs, and Google phones so all you need to do is place your phone down (WITH the case on).

    20. An Amazon Fire TV stick that'll provide access to thousands of channels and apps, plus over 500,000 movies and TV episodes. So come Friday night when you're wayyyy too tired to go out, you won't have to Google "what should I watch tonight?" before picking something.

    21. And a universal attachment so you don't have to fumble between remotes (and inputs) when all you wanna do is watch reruns of The Office. It'll clip onto your Fire TV Stick remote and transform into the only one you need.

    22. A cold brew maker since nothing is as refreshing as an iced coffee with breakfast. It'll also help you save big bucks if you're someone who typically buys coffee every morning (sorry Starbucks).

    23. Oil-blotting sheets so you never again have to worry about a greasy face halfway through the day. One sheet will soak up any excess shine, leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft.

    24. Porter ceramic to-go bowls to make food-on-the-run incredibly easy and convenient. It's silicone top will trap in all types of food (sauces included), and the strap will lock tightly to avoid mess.

    25. A habit-tracking calendar that'll help you become more aware of your everyday routine and what sets you up for success versus what drains you mentally, physically, and emotionally. You can track daily habits, weekly habits, and monthly habits and each month is themed to better help you in the areas of sleep, gratitude, and movement.

    26. Microwave covers to control soup and sauce explosions from happening. You can also use them to store leftovers *and* while cooking via stovetop.

    27. Car trunk organizers that'll adhere to standard trunk liners and floor mats to secure groceries, shopping bags, and plants. Instead of listening to items roll around in the back of your trunk, you'll be able to separate items and keep them compartmentalized while you drive!

    After putting the order in for these products:

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