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    34 Things To Help Keep Your Dog Happy In 2020

    Happy fur ball, happy life.

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    1. Waterproof dog shoes to protect your pupper's paws from salt, ice, and snow that can hurt their feet and cause irritation and bleeding. These shoes expand because of a split seam opening to fit their specific paw size, and the two adjustable and reflective velcro straps ensure a tight fit.

    2. An adorable personalized bandana that they can wear on a walk so everyone passing by knows their name and can stop to give the appropriate pets. It's made from a super soft material with an adjustable collar so it can grow with them.

    3. A humidifier, because cold, dry winter air can cause a few different problems for your pooch. Keeping the air moist means they'll have an easier time breathing during the cold winter months, plus it can aid in keeping their snout smooth and fur soft.

    4. A lightweight insulated dog vest that is uber warm and ideal for morning and afternoon walks because of the sewn-on silver D-ring. You'll be able to quickly attach their leash to it while heading out the door. Plus, it's cut in a way that'll prevent a mess when ~duty~ calls.

    5. Or a reversible dog coat with an inner fleece lining and a water-resistant side for those rainy days when they still wanna go outside, but you definitely don't. Time to throw on that rain jacket so your pupper can do their business.

    6. A portable paw washer so you can clean their paws after being outside in the mud. The inside bristles are super soft, so no, they won't howl during the cleaning process. It's also transportable so you can bring to a friend's house after a doggo playdate.

    7. A cozy burrow bed that'll provide them with the perfect snuggle place so they won't shed all over your expensive couch. The super soft lambswool will be cozy against their fur, plus the orthopedic foam base will distribute their weight evenly and take pressure off their hips and joints.

    8. A dog house heater to keep your pooch warm if they spend a majority of their time outside. It features a heat shield to protect them from all wires and no sharp edges.

    9. An allergy supplement for dogs that suffer from allergies, itching, and digestive issues. Each bite contains vitamins, protein, fiber, and antioxidants to support natural immune defenses to help keep your lil' fur ball healthy.

    10. An absorbent microfiber dog towel, because bath time should be an enjoyable time for all parties involved. This will feel amazing on their fur, dry them off as quickly as possible, and avoid getting that wet dog smell you kinda loathe (even though you love your fur baby).

    11. And a non-skid microfiber doggy doormat that'll dry your pet's paws faster than regular mats. You're way too tired of seeing dirty paw prints on your kitchen floor and this mat will solve that issue. It also features a no-skid backing so they don't go flying when they run through the back door.

    12. A trimmer for furry paws so you can safely shave them and save some money on a trip to the groomer. It's designed to omit a low noise as to not startle your pup, plus the blade can be removed to clean after use.

    13. Bissell Stomp N' Go stain lifting pads to treat your pet's next indoor accident immediately (and effectively). It's great for wine, blood, and coffee, too, plus it doesn't require you using your hands! All you've gotta do is lay the pad down, stomp with your foot a few times, and remove.

    14. Pet potty training pads, because teaching a child to use the potty is hard enough. These pads will help save your carpets while your furry friend slowly learns that their potty is outside.

    15. An Aquapaw licking pad that'll suction to your shower wall and provide some much-needed distraction while you *attempt* to give your pooch a bath. You can load it up with peanut butter or whatever other treat your pet loves.

    16. A grooming glove to remove excess hair from your beloved pupper by mimicking petting (which can also calm nerves and keep fidgeting to a minimum). Regularly brushing your pooch's coat can increase shine and softness + the glove is effective on all types of coats and hair lengths.

    17. A pack of paw protection cream made with vitamin E to keep paw pads soft and silky. It can protect them from hot pavement, ice, and salt.

    18. A snout soother that'll keep their very boopable noses soft and smooth. It can soothe and heal dry, cracked noses because of its grape seed oil, hempseed oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E ingredients.

    19. And! A moisturizing sun protection balm to shield their noses from harmful UV rays. Think about it — you wear sunscreen when you sit in the sun, why shouldn't your furry friend? It's waterproof, too, so it'll provide full coverage even when you bring 'em to the beach or they take a dip in the pool.

    20. A personalized dog collar so you can avoid a lost puppito. Since their name and your telephone number is stitched into the band, you won't have to worry about the ID tag falling off.

    21. An interactive dog toy for the doggo who needs to be stimulated when you just wanna watch some TV and chill. You can hide the smaller toys within the larger one so it creates a puzzle for your pet. It's a great tool for boredom – especially when boredom leads to chewing your shoes.

    22. A squeaky toy with no filling so you can play tug of war all day without fear of stuffing flying everywhere. Your pooch will be able to gnaw and gnaw to their heart's content.

    23. A joint supplement made with glucosamine to keep their joints cushioned and lubricated for full range of motion and flexibility. You want them to stay active and pain-free, and this soft chewable just might help keep them in tip-top shape.

    24. An anti-fungal antibacterial spray made with soothing aloe to help treat a range of skin conditions including allergies, cuts, hot spots, infections, rashes, and scrapes. It's a sensitive skin formula, meaning it won't sting them, either.

    25. An antibacterial toothpaste, because you don't want your furry pupper to have bad breath or plaque buildup. It's safe for them to swallow, contains no foaming agents, and comes in a flavor they won't wanna spit up all over you.

    26. Or a liquid tartar remover for dogs who definitely won't stand still for a thorough teeth brushing. It can be added directly to their water and acts like a mouthwash. It'll reduce plaque and that nasty bacteria that causes bad doggy breath.

    27. An ear treatment that'll clean your pooch's ears and rid them of irritation, debris, and any other buildup that may cause inflammation. You can apply it directly into their ear canal and massage it around so it settles.

    28. A nail grinder, because getting ripped apart by your pupper's nails when you're trying to snuggle is...not ideal. This grinder features two speeds so you can carefully trim their nails without hurting them. It's also pretty quiet so they won't be spooked by any alarming sounds.

    29. An eye rinse that'll reduce irritation and eliminate tear stains (AKA, those streaks that some puppies get below their eyes). The rinse will gently cleanse the eye and surrounding tissue, removing debris, pollutants, and pollen that could be causing allergies.

    30. And mini combs to detangle matted fur around their eyes that may contain eye boogies, crusty stuff (ewwie), and some dried mucus. The stainless steel comb will pick through their hair gently and effectively.

    31. A cleansing wrinkle cream so you can keep fungus and bacteria out of your pet's very adorable and scrunchy face wrinkles. It works super well for breeds like English bulldogs, Frenchies, and pugs, but is also a great option for long-haired breeds.

    32. A flea and tick shampoo that'll banish fleas, ticks, larvae, and lice from your fur baby's fur. It contains aloe, lanolin, coconut extract, and oatmeal to soothe sensitive skin, and an insect growth regulator to kill fleas and prevent flea buildup for up to 28 days.

    33. Or a medicated dog shampoo to help treat fungal and bacteria infections, inflamed scalp, greasy or waxy skin, red skin rashes, bald spots, plus itchy and flaky skin. To start, you can wash your pupper with the shampoo two to three times a week. It's dye-, paraben-, and soap-free.

    Your precious little pooch in the new year:

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