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    22 Things That'll Turn Your Patio Into A Summer Paradise

    It's time to host a dinner party!

    1. A fire pit for cozy nights spent roasting marshmallows and trying to avoid bug bites. You'll get a poker, spark screen, and cover, but collecting the firewood is up to you!

    2. Or a mini tabletop fire pit if you're limited on space. It'll give off just enough heat on chillier nights (and look super chic on a table).

    3. A set of colorful pillowcases to liven up your patio decor. They're durable enough to last outside all season long, rain or shine.

    4. Macrame plant hangers that'll turn your outdoor space into a garden oasis. In total you'll receive four hangers with S-hooks so you can suspend your plants from above.

    5. Or metal stands for greenery if hanging isn't an option for you. Made of galvanized steel, they're safe to keep outdoors.

    6. Wind chimes that'll provide calming background noise as you host your next dinner party. Made of 18 unique tubes, the chimes offer a wide variety of tones and sounds.

    7. Mosaic solar-powered lanterns to provide light around your patio, but to also cast beautiful shadows once the sun has gone down. Plus, you'll save energy since each is solar-powered!

    8. And tabletop lanterns with LED-flickering candles you can nestle on your table. Each candle has a timer option so they'll shut off after you've taken your party inside.

    9. A giant tumbling blocks game that'll leave guests shrieking in excitement. It's a must-have for BBQs when guests want a little entertainment paired with their hamburger.

    10. And a hook-and-ring toss game you'll get ~hooked~ on instantly. Your patio is sure to become to hang-out spot for all your friends this summer.

    11. A hammock, because there is no better way to lounge around and relax than in a hammock. It's the perfect little spot to take your afternoon nap in.

    12. An outdoor rug made from recycled plastic to give your feet some comfort during intensely hot summer days. It's mold-, mildew-, and fade-resistant, so it can stay outside all day every day.

    13. A four-piece rattan furniture set so you can host family and friends without having to worry about where to set up food and drink, or where people will sit. The removable glass means spills will be easy to clean up and the included seat cushions provide support.

    14. A Weber charcoal grill that can hold up to 13 burgers at one time! With a steel grate, it'll be able to retain heat and the dampers allow you to control temperature.

    15. An inflatable ottoman to use as a footrest or as extra seating when needed. The air pump is included and it can be easily packed up when you want more floor space.

    16. A serving cart that can double as a bar cart for your entertaining needs. Plus it folds up for easy storage and requires zero assembly – simple as that.

    17. A portable Bluetooth speaker from Anker, because your laptop speakers can't really do the job anymore when it comes to hosting a patio party. It'll play up to 12 hours and is waterproof.

    18. String lights to hang from an umbrella or around your patio's railing. The soft twinkle of the lights will create a dreamy atmosphere, perfect for late nights spent hanging outside.

    19. A Coleman cooler so you can keep all your beverages cold throughout the day. It can fit up to 85 cans and has a four-day ice retention rate.

    20. Lounge chairs that'll become a prime tanning spot for you and your friends. Just try not to drift off to sleep on one of these or you're sure to wake up with a nasty sunburn.

    21. A cute Citronella candle to keep the mosquitos away while you enjoy the sunset with pals. Being covered in itchy bites is probably the worst feeling ever.

    22. A mini pool if you unfortunately don't have access to a larger one. It can fit up to three adults, so you and your besties can keep cool in sweltering temps.

    Just make sure to wear sunscreen!

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