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    31 Things That'll Probably Never Disappoint You

    Tried, trusted, and true.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI โ€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An insect sticky trap that'll rid your home of annoying gnats, flies, midges, and whiteflies. You can stick them directly into soil so your lil baby plants will stay insect-free! You're a devoted plant parent, we understand.

    BTW, they're made of eco-friendly materials, are non-toxic, and can be used for indoor or outdoor plants.

    Promising review: "These work exactly as described! Fungus gnats took to one of my indoor plants and these sticky sheets were an extremely easy and effective solution. They were also easy to cut to size, and the 20-pack left me with plenty of extras for future use." โ€”Leah

    Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in larger packs).

    2. A massaging brush to use in the shower while shampooing and singing your favorite Harry Styles bop. The soft silicone bristles can promote blood flow, relax scalp muscles, and exfoliate your skin. Plus the massaging effect will just feel really damn good.

    Promising review: "I cannot explain how good this feels when you're using it! It relaxes you and for sure is better than just using your fingertips to shampoo your hair. It actually goes down to the roots and makes sure that it gets into all the spots it can to clean your hair. My hair has never felt smoother since I started using this product." โ€”Romie Patel

    Get it on Amazon for $7.98+ (available in three colors).

    3. A drain clog remover so you won't get caught dropping big bucks on a plumber when your SO decides to let a clump of hair wash down the drain. It'll snake its way through to grab hair and grime with its textured edges. Every household should have one to avoid a huge bill.

    Promising review: "You will not regret buying these. They work SO well. I had constant draining issues in my shower and so I figured I would search 'hair drain' on Amazon. Lo and behold, there I was searching for tools to clean out my drain. I did not expect these drain snakes to work so well! They are made out of sturdy plastic and I was able to use it both on my shower AND my sink drains before being too grossed out and needing to throw it away." โ€”Nhi

    Get three from Amazon for $5.99+ (available in two sizes).

    4. A jewelry cleaning brush, because no one should deal with dull diamonds. It just takes a few seconds of scrubbing with the soft-tipped brush that'll dispense a formula containing polishing agents and micro-fine cleansers to achieve that dazzling shine.

    Promising review: "Can't tell you the number of times I've been on my way to an event, meeting, party, etc., and realize my ring is cloudy from lotion โ€” ack! I run to the bathroom to quickly clean it, it takes 30โ€“60 seconds max, and my ring looks brand new again! I don't even take my ring off โ€” just get it wet, twist the bottom to make the cleaner come out into the brush, scrub with the brush, and rinse with warm water. The cleaner foams up as you brush โ€” it really feels like it's cleaning off the grime and oils. The brush is super soft and really gets into nooks and crannies, unlike the brushes that come in those jar cleaners that are always too bristly and thick for my dainty yellow gold jewelry." โ€”honestreviewer

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    5. Parchment paper squares with nifty handles so you can get your baked goods out cleanly instead of using a fork and knife to desperately lift your perfectly cooked cake. Even with the use of sprays and butter, sometimes thing ~stick~ and you need a bit of a lift to get everything out of the pan on the first try.


    Promising review: "I love baking, and the 'handles' on these parchment rounds made a huge difference in being able to remove sponge cake layers neatly from their baking pans and move them onto a cooling rack. No more contortions trying to pick up and flip over a hot cake pan! I'll definitely be ordering these rounds in other sizes to fit all of my cake pans!" โ€”Karin W.

    Get 24 sheets from Amazon for $10.99+ (available in four sizes and for round pans).

    6. A three-tiered drying rack for items that can't conveniently be hung on hangers like larger sweaters or or delicates. It can hold up to 10 pounds and features mesh bands to keep clothes secure if placed outside in the sun.


    Promising review: "This is a great idea for a drying rack. It hangs easily from a shower rod. I like that there are pieces of fabric that stretch from side to side so I can secure garments if I'm drying things outside so they donโ€™t blow away. Also a little tricky to close, but very compact when closed for easy storage. Very well0made and innovative." โ€”Paula Rinewalt Photography

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    7. Tend Skin razor bump and ingrown hair solution so you can get clear skin and nix those annoying bumps after shaving. It'll also minimize that annoying post-wax redness and help rid of ingrown hairs. Bless.

    It's safe to use on your bikini line or on your armpits. For picture-worthy results, use on the affected area in the morning and at night!

    Promising review:
    "Amazing product! I've been using this for over 10 years. I put this on a cotton ball and wipe over my entire face after shaving. It kept any bumps or ingrown hairs from forming. And if I did have a bump, I would use this and it would be gone in a day or two." โ€”Hilfy

    Get a bottle from Amazon for $21.99.

    And check out our highlight on Tend Skin here!

    8. A flat colander you can lay at at the bottom of your sink to catch all the food scraps that otherwise fall down the drain and cause a clog. It can also be used for defrosting so water doesn't pool around the chicken your mom asked you take out of the freezer a few hours ago!


    Promising review: "I love this flat colander. When cooking meals that require more washing and preparing of veggies, I can set them all out and wash them at the same time. Since I don't have a garbage disposal, I peel potatoes and carrots such that the peels fall on the colander, making it easy to collect them and dispose of them. I use it all the time." โ€”Natalie O

    Get it from Amazon for $10.89+ (available in three colors).

    9. Slow cooker liners so you can minimize cleanup time post-meal. They'll prevent leaking fluids and spills โ€” and hours of scrubbing.


    Before you add your ingredients, just line the stoneware pot with one of these. They fit a wide range of slow cookers and truly will make cleanup a breeze.

    Promising review: "Where have these been all my life?! When the slow cooker came along it was supposed to make our lives easier. Just throw everything in it in the morning, let it cook all day, and dinner was ready when you got home. But then you had to soak it until the next day and scrub for what seemed to be an eternity. These liners make it so easy! You take it out after you're done cooking, rinse the crock pot out, dry it, and put it away. Cleaning now takes only three minutes." โ€”Michele

    Get eight liners from Amazon for $7.99.

    10. A hair finishing cream to help tame those annoying little hairs that surround your face and fly around no matter the weather or how much you try to control them. The smoothing effect is immediate, so you'll accomplish that sleek bun in just a matter of seconds. No extra time added to your morning routine necessary!

    Made from natural plant extracts, the serum won't leave your hair greasy.

    Promising review: "No matter what I do or what expensive and high rated product I try, my flyaways are an annoying constant. This product has completely rid me of my daily top of head flyaway frizz! I wish I would have discovered this product years ago! It smooths my hair out and truly lasts all day. Be careful, as a tiny bit goes a long way!" โ€”RHoffsommer

    Get it from Amazon for $7.98.

    11. An iOttie wireless charging stand so you don't have to struggle with plugging your phone in when you wake up in the middle of the night and realize your battery is almost dead. You can simply place your phone on the stand and it will instantly start charging.


    It works with all phone types and through phone cases!

    Promising review: "I've never liked the look of wireless chargers and had the Apple lightning stand, which was low profile and attractive. The looks of the iOttie stand changed my thinking. I actually like the look of it on my nightstand and it's far easier to place the phone on the stand in the dark. Placement isn't an issue โ€“ it charges right away. The small LED light on the side is so dim it does not interfere with my sleep. The build quality is great. I'd recommend it to anyone." โ€”Richard

    Get it from Amazon for $34.95.

    12. A Fur-Zoff pet hair remover for carpet, couches, clothing, and bedding. Just imagine a household and car that's not covered in pet hair. It'll sweep up hair instantly, so you can run it over the couch before guests come over.

    Promising review: "This thing is amazing. With multiple cats and two dogs who have no boundaries in the house (couches, chairs and beds are free game), and more than a few with black fur, our furniture and carpets were constantly covered. This thing works wonders! Easy to use, does the job right, and cheap. What a bang for your buck. The fur comes right off, it's a miracle. I recently used it in our bedroom since we have light blue carpet. The vacuum wasn't sucking up the fur and the carpet looked dingy and dirty. I got down and went to town on the carpet with this thing and the difference is like night and day. Seriously, if you have pets, this is a must." โ€”dameow687

    Get it from Amazon for $10.77+ (also available in packs).

    13. Bottle cleaning tablets so you can finally reach the bottom of your water bottle or tea travel mug without having to furiously scrub or get your entire arm wet in the process of trying to reach all the nooks and crannies. Drop a tablet in warm water and let it sit for 15 minutes, wash out, and say hello to a clean container.

    They're biodegradable, chlorine-free, all-natural, and environmentally safe! They work on stainless steel bottles, plastic, glass, porcelain, and silicone. I tried them on my reusable water bottle and yes, they actually work!

    Promising review: "I wasn't sure if this was a gimmick or not. Turns out it works really well. I have four metal thermos-like containers that are used to keep tea warm every day. Over time, the tea stained the insides and was very difficult to remove. I added one of these tablets to the container, filled it with hot water, and let it sit for a few hours. When I came back to rinse it out, I was literally amazed at how clean it was. I think it looked cleaner than when it was new. I called my wife over to show her, and she was equally impressed. Awesome product!" โ€”Robert A Moreno II

    Get 12 tablets from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in a pack of three).

    14. Coty Airspun oil-reducing and setting powder you can use on top of your makeup to soften the overall look of your skin and reduce shiny buildup. It can also be used as a foundation to even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of pores and blemishes., Amazon

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this powder. I've used more expensive ones in the past, but this one takes the cake. It keeps my makeup on all day, even with my oily skin. I personally don't use the 'baking' method, but even so it keeps my face in place all day, even when I get hot and sweaty. Other reviewers are right, it does have a slight baby powder smell, but it doesn't bother my very much and once you've applied it to your face, the smell disappears. I recommend it to all of my friends!" โ€”Brittany

    Get it from Amazon for $4.49+ (available as a pack of two and in six shades).

    15. A Smart Funnel to help you transfer liquids without having to annoyingly hold the bottle. Now you can transfer family pack shampoos and conditioners from Costco without killing your arms.


    Promising review: "This funnel works well, even with heavier bottles. I was hesitant to buy, because I had previously tried a large silicone funnel that was intended for the same use. With this funnel, I've already transferred a highly viscous lotion in a large bottle to another, with no problem whatsoever. It washed nicely in my dishwasher and has already paid for itself in product saved. One of the best features is that its components rotate around the same axis. You are able to swing the clips or the funnel out of the way if need be." โ€”Amy S.

    Get four from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in four colors and in packs).

    16. Nail and cuticle oil made from jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E that'll target weak nails to restore strength and soften cuticles. If your nails are constantly breaking or peeling, this is for you!

    Promising review: "I had peeling, weak nails for years. This size bottle lasted a bit more than a month while I was religiously applying it two-three times a day in February. I was really seeing great improvements, so I bought another bottle in late March. By May, all the peeling had grown out and my nails were getting stronger every day. Cannot recommend this stuff enough!" โ€”Diana

    Get it from Amazon for $8.50.

    17. Bed sheet fasteners that'll help you neatly make your bed (possibly for the first time in your life). The metal clips grasp onto your fitted sheet so it stays in place no matter how much you toss and turn.


    Promising review: "I hate a messed up bed. But these clips are amazing. By flipping the fitted corners of the sheet up onto the top of the bed, applying the clips there, and THEN pulling everything back under the mattress, you can fasten these clips quickly and easily. Once the clips are on, flip the fitted corner back down over the mattress and look at the great result. All of the excess fabric vanishes completely. I was expecting some kind of big pucker even while the sheets stayed in place, but there was nothing but tight, smooth fabric." โ€”Steven P. Gray

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in two sizes and two colors).

    And to find out where to buy the best bedding possible, click here.

    18. A silicone baking mold, because spending all that time making egg muffins or cupcakes only to have all the bottoms rip off is way too frustrating. The molds are freezer-, dishwasher-, and oven-safe, so they're super versatile., Amazon

    Since the molds bend easily, you can pop out your baked goods in about half the time. Also, they're incredibly easy to clean compared to traditional baking pans!

    Promising review: "A must-have for any baker! Hands down, this is one of the best silicone additions to my kitchen cabinet and bakeware arsenal I have. Extremely easy to clean and always makes a burn-free, stick-free finished product. The silicone prevents burning or hotspots with even temperature distribution, making each muffin as good as the last! Your treat (muffin, biscuit or cupcake) will seamlessly pop out of the silicone mold once cool! Thus, preventing the dreaded fork and spoon removal method that results in crumbs and cracks. To clean, just wash and rinse with warm water and light soap and that's it! No scrubbing or scraping needed. Now everyone can be a five-star baker with this five-star muffin pan!" โ€”Angel Lee Jones

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in three colors and two sizes).

    And check out our spotlight on the silicone baking molds here.

    19. Avarelle tea tree and calendula oilโ€“infused pimple patches that'll clear up pesky breakouts overnight by sucking out all the gunk and pus trapped underneath the skin. Gone are the days of freaking out over your latest blemish.

    After cleaning your face before bed, apply a patch directly to the inflamed breakout. When you wake up in the morning and remove the patch, the pimple will be visibly smaller and less inflamed. *Plus* you'll be able to see all the gross white gunk on the patch itself (v satisfying feeling).

    Promising review: "Iโ€™ve tried so many brands of pimple spots, and these are hands-down the best on the market. Last night, I put these on a few acne problems (a small cyst, a whitehead, and a pimple). I just woke up and am writing this review in disbelief. THEY'RE FLAT! Gone! All of them! I could cry Iโ€™m so happy. The packaging is also ideal because it allows you to conveniently and easily peel the stickers off without stretching them out or folding them back onto themselves. Do yourself, and your complexion a huge favor! Have these on hand for a stubborn zit when you really need help. Make sure you apply them to completely clean and dry skin." โ€”Caitlyn

    Get 40 patches from Amazon for $8.50. And for larger, square patches, click here.

    And if you're fighting some serious breakouts, check out our roundup of face treatments that'll make a noticeable difference.

    20. A mold and mildew remover, because with so much moisture created in your bathroom from showering, you know you've got some nasty stuff growing in those hard-to-reach corners and crevices. After a few hours of letting the solution sit, just wipe away the excess (no scrubbing necessary).

    The gel will cling to spots you apply it to, so it won't run down walls. It'll also help prevent mold and mildew from returning.

    Promising review: "Wow! I would give this 10 stars if I could. We've had issues for a few years with the caulking behind the handle of our kitchen faucet turning black from mildew. We've scrubbed with what seems like a million different products, with no luck. We were actually just talking about ripping out the caulking and doing a total replacement. But, my husband saw this online the other day and decided to order it. Almost immediately when he applied it, you could see it was starting to work. We left it on overnight and the black is COMPLETELY GONE! It's incredible. 1000% worth the (small) investment." โ€”Nicole D.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    21. A cutlery organizer, because you've definitely got your set messily thrown into a kitchen drawer. This organizer will make use of vertical space, leaving more horizontal space in your drawer for other utensils.


    Promising review: "I have a tiny kitchen with only three drawers, so space is at a premium. My silverware organizer took up almost all of one drawer, so this organizer is a godsend. You can fit quite a few spoons, etc., in each slot. My beater attachments fit perfectly into the top two hollows. I will say I have to flip my forks over face down in order to be able to shut and open my drawer, but then the drawer itself is kind of shallow. You NEED this if you have a small kitchen with few drawers!" โ€”mialro

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in two colors).

    22. A bottle of Feed-N-Wax wood polish so you can rid of scuffs, water marks, and anything else lingering on your tables within 20 minutes of application. It'll polish and add a protective layer to prevent the wood from once again drying out and fading.

    Promising review: "This stuff is absolutely AMAZING. My wife and I were getting tired of looking at our worn-out cabinets and wood paneling and were very close to paying a professional thousands of dollars to refinish it all, but then we came across this product. Our paneling and cabinets were looking rough. We have two dogs who had jumped up and scratched places, and we also had an area that was damaged by water spots where our dog bowls were and several other areas that were just worn from heavy traffic. This stuff was like a magic eraser for water spots, scratches, scuffs, and any other blemishes. Everything looks brand new. We're so glad we found this product." โ€”Kris

    Get it from Amazon for $8.48+ available in packs.

    Also, check out our spotlight on the wood polish!

    23. A pack of MagicFiber microfiber cleaning cloths for glasses and electronic devices, because let's be real โ€“ living without smudges is nearly impossible. You can keep one tucked inside your glasses case that you already carry everywhere, so boom, problem solved.

    I keep a cloth in my bag, one at work, and one in my apartment! I hate having dust and dirt build up on screens, so they're super useful to have on-hand.

    Promising review: "I usually dislike microfiber cloths; I know they are supposedly great for cleaning your glasses and screens, but every single microfiber cloth I've ever used has left unbearable streak marks on every surface When I opened these cloths, I immediately used one to clean my glasses that I hadn't been able to clean properly all day. I used one of these cloths, and nothing else, and my glasses came out streak free and beautiful! Love these. I was hesitant to spend so much on cloths I was pretty sure I wouldn't like, but these blew me away! Most definitely will buy again." โ€”Stephanie Hollander

    Get two from Amazon for $5.49+ (available in larger packs).

    24. Touch-up razors so you can safely remove unwanted peach fuzz + stray eyebrow and chin hairs. The blades are designed with built-in guards so they won't cut your skin, plus you'll receive an extra attachment for super precise eyebrow shaping. You can go ahead and nix stray hairs as you apply your makeup in the morning.

    Promising review: "I bought these blades to try at home derma-planing. I was nervous at first, but itโ€™s almost impossible to cut yourself with these and it took the peach fuzz right off my face. In fact, as I was staring at my face in a magnifying mirror and removing the fuzz, I noticed my nose hair was a little out of control. I even used one of these in my nose (thatโ€™s right) and it worked great! I will be keeping a few of these on-hand at all times." โ€”TKB

    Get a set of three from Amazon for $4.99+ (available in a set of nine, too).

    25. An incredibly effective, fume-free oven cleaner that'll cut through baked-on spills and grease within five minutes of spraying so you don't shock guests the next time you open the oven during a dinner party.

    Promising review: "Simply UNBELIEVABLE. Fume-free and no gloves needed, but dissolves ANYTHING cooked on! I had not cleaned my oven EVER. I simply sprayed it on, shut the door overnight, and wiped it off with paper towels. Now I don't have to dread cleaning the oven ever again! I can use this for everyday spot cleaning. I also used this on a broiler pan that would not scrub clean, even with steel wool. My Crock-Pot recipe leaked over the bowl and burned on inside heating chamber; I just sprayed, covered, wiped in morning. I plan on using this to clean the grill in the spring and I'm sure it will be a breeze.โ€ โ€”Andrew J.

    Get it from Amazon for $5.99+ (available in packs).

    26. Dishwasher cleaner tablets, because just putting things in the dishwasher for a quick spin may not be enough. *gasps*. Gross smells and lime can build up in your dishwasher, so these tablets will clean your machine for future spotless washes (just add one to your next cycle).

    Promising review: "I started getting white streaks all over my dishes. That never happened before. Thought it was my detergent and changed it, but no difference. I kept getting clean dishes with this weird white film on them. I'd wash them by hand, then put them back in the dishwasher, and white film again! Then I did an internet search to figure out what was going on. I found these tablets and gave them a try! And now my dishes are back to being spotless!" โ€”Carey Holzman

    Get six tablets from Amazon for $3.89.

    27. A portable fabric defuzzer that'll breath life into your wardrobe. You've got some staple pieces, which means you want those pieces to last! There's no better way to refresh a sweater than with some super satisfying defuzzing. Once you insert the batteries, it only takes 10 minutes per item to remove all those little fuzz balls.

    Promising review: "So I didn't think it through when I threw some dark shirts and sweaters in the wash with a couple of light towels. They came out with all those fuzzies. I ordered one of these based on the price and average customer review, and I can see why this was rated so high. Takes two AA batteries and is very comfortable to hold. Since it's so portable, I just sat on the couch and shaved two shirts and a pair of cottony exercise pants while watching TV. I probably would have never worn these items (at least not outside the house!) again if it wasn't for this great little gadget." โ€”Paula Nelson

    Get it from Amazon for $11.57+ (available in eight colors).

    And click here for our full review of the fabric defuzzer.

    28. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that'll add some spicy sweetness to any and every meal. It'll be the perfect topping to pizza, veggies, meat, and scrambled eggs. Honestly there's nothing you can't put this on, so consider it time to get adventurous.


    It's also paleo-friendly and gluten-free.

    Promising review: "I tend to shy away from spicy foods, but I couldnโ€™t resist the opportunity to try a new condiment to liven up snacks and recipes with. I was afraid the spice would be overpowering, but itโ€™s actually quite mellow and smooth; just the right touch of heat. So far, Iโ€™ve enjoyed this on fruit salad (banana/strawberry/blueberry) and drizzled on the original Chick-fil-A delicious!" โ€”SleepsInRain

    Get it on Amazon for $8.48+ (available in packs).

    And check out our review of Mike's Hot Honey!

    29. An eyeliner stamp, because spending time in front of the mirror trying to perfectly match your wings is so darn frustrating. Those with shaky hands can finally get the sharp edge they're looking for โ€” this stamp will provide equal wings each and every time.

    One side of the pen is the stamp while the other is a regular eyeliner pen. Plus you can feel confident through the day; the stamp is waterproof and smudge-proof.

    Promising review: "I'm a makeup junkie and extremely picky with products. I don't actually have any issues with winged liner, but I've been dealing with some shaking issues so thought this might make my routine easier. Not a lot of trial and error, it's very simple to use, and creates a lovely and slightly curved wing. Now about the formula, I'm impressed. I was thinking that I could always go over it with my regular eyeliner, but I found that unnecessary. The liner pen tip didn't drag or skip; it's a very bold and solid black that dries quickly and has amazing staying power." โ€”SaintLee

    Get the set of two (one for each eye) from Amazon for $13.97+ (available in three sizes and two colors).

    And check out our spotlight on the eyeliner stamp here!

    30. A transparent coil hair tie that won't cause creasing or denting unlike regular hair ties. They're also super gentle, so they won't snag in your hair and cause painful pulling or ripping when you go to take your bun or ponytail out.


    These coils will save you on the days you want to keep your hair super straight, but need to keep it pulled back.

    Promising review: "I have thin, fine hair and either my hair gets tangled and pulled out with traditional holders or they slip out of my hair. I have used these coils for four days and have not had an issue. They donโ€™t pull or snag. And the best part is that they stay in and donโ€™t slide out." โ€”ChrissyT

    Get eight from Amazon for $7.99.

    31. Garnier Fructis anti-frizz serum made with argan oil and apricot, because frizz can rear its head at any point in the day. This light serum will help to smooth out any stray pieces, leaving your hair silkier than ever before. And the huge bonus? It won't leave your roots feeling or looking greasy.

    @garnierusa / Via

    I use this serum in the morning right before I head out the door and I love it. It helps the baby hairs around the crown of my head lay flat, instead of sticking straight up.

    Promising review: "Terrific product. I squirt a few drops in my palms, then I brush fingers and hands right through my short, but full crop of graying hair. Makes these tresses look ever so shiny and silky while keeping it all in place. Don't even need to use hairspray. I especially like the fact that it's not greasy, nor gummy, nor does it have an odor. It just has a pleasant and unassuming scent. Most of all, this product enhances the natural wave and light curl that I still have. For me, it's best used right after a shampoo and a towel dry." โ€”Valerie C. Bartolo

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

    These products getting the job done:

    United Plankton Productions

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