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    27 Things That Must Have Been Designed By Geniuses

    Products that may be smarter than you (sorry).

    1. A pot holder and trivet that'll fully protect your hands from hot cookware and bakeware. The design allows for more controlled grip so you won't have to endure burns while handling food.

    2. A Eureka two-burner camp stove so you can create delicious meals while enjoying the great outdoors. It ranges from light simmer to full flame, has a push-button ignition, and a stainless steel drip tray.

    3. A shaping slip to wear under spring and summer dresses so you get more coverage. The open neckline allows you to wear your own bra, but the adjustable inner panels mean you can get more compression if you want. The straps are adjustable, too! Now when there's a gust of wind you won't have to worry about an impromptu flashing in your maxi dress.

    4. Silicone bookmarks so you know exactly where you left off, preventing any confusion or delay in your studying and reading. They can be stretched to fit a book of any size.

    5. A garlic peeler that'll do all the nitpick-y work for you. It'll keep your hands odor-free while you're in the middle of a recipe, plus it'll contain the actual peels so you'll be able to trash them quickly and easily.

    6. A ring-size adjuster so you can wear your favorite pieces even if they become loose. The adjuster can reduce size up to a size and a half, meaning you won't need to drop big bucks at a jeweler to get it re-fitted.

    7. A collapsible whisk, because as thrilling as it sometimes can be, being able to open your cutlery draw without endless finagling mid recipe is some true joy. This one is dishwasher-safe.

    8. Towel holders that'll expertly hold bath or kitchen towels *without* the frustration of towel slip-off that usually accompanies hooks. The silicone jaws will grasp towels firmly.

    9. A magnetic shower curtain lock, because forming Lake Erie in your bathroom each time you shower is a) extremely annoying, b) causing a bit of mold formation, and c) dangerous! You'll be able to prevent any slipping by keeping your curtain tightly in-place while you shampoo and condition.

    10. A pack of adhesive DressWeights to keep your hems down on windy days. They're reusable, recyclable, and safe for different types of fabric.

    11. A pack of light-dimming covers for those LED lights on electronics and appliances that are always weirdly bright and distracting at night. They're peel-and-stick, so you can match the size of whatever light you're trying to cover.

    12. An outdoor faucet handle attachment to add some much-needed leverage to your hose knob. You'll be able to fully turn the stream off once you've finished watering your plants. No more leaks!

    13. A pill pocket for dogs when they're being really stubborn about taking their medicine, but really need to. Their taste and smell overpower the capsule, so your pet won't even notice the medicine. Just pop the capsule into the little opening and pinch it shut before giving to your dog.

    14. A bag rack to prevent spilling when you're just trying to load leftovers or pack your lunch. The clips grip the lips of the bag so it stays upright as you pile in taco meat, cooked veggies, or shredded cheese on taco day.

    15. And if you're looking to get leftovers organized, dissolvable food labels that can be removed so you can reuse containers! You'll be able to spot things quickly in your fridge, but won't have to scrape off any annoying sticker residue.

    16. A jewelry cleaning brush, because you didn't spend all that money for dull diamonds. This brush will make 'em sparkle just like the first day you bought them by dispensing a specialized cleansing solution (with polishing agents) through the fine bristles.

    17. A precision-slicing knife to help you cut perfectly sized slices. No more guesswork — you can adjust the guide to your desired thickness to cut uniform slices. Your charcuterie plate never looked so good.

    18. A cruelty-free lengthening mascara so you can get voluminous lashes without putting a glob of product on your eyes. It'll shape and define your lashes without flaking, so yes, it'll still look legit at 1 a.m. versus 9 p.m.

    19. A dry shampoo for dark hair, because getting that white film deep into your roots is actually hard to remove, even with nonstop brushing and tousling. It's made with activated coconut charcoal, rice powder, and kaolin clay to work into darker roots more seamlessly.

    20. Pinch guards that can be added to every door in your home to prevent accidents with children and door-slamming. It's made of foam, so it's super easy to slip onto the doorframe (and adjust its position).

    21. A non-stick letter and number cake pan so you can bake a cake in an endless amount of ways. This is perfect for a birthday celebration or big anniversary!

    22. A faux sprinkler head that'll become the best place for hiding a spare house key. It's waterproof and has an inside keychain so you can attach your keys right to the inside of the cap.

    23. An insect sticky trap to rid your home of annoying gnats, flies, midges, and whiteflies. You can stick them directly into soil so your lil baby plants will stay insect-free! You're a devoted plant parent, we understand.

    24. A pack of MagicFiber microfiber cleaning cloths for glasses and electronic devices, because let's be real – living without smudges is nearly impossible. They're even delicate enough to use on camera lens and will do an excellent job cleaning without causing scratches!

    25. A Dash mini griddle for pancakes and eggs to make breakfast a total breeze. It's the perfect size for a dorm room or small apartment, and with the blue indicator light, you'll know exactly when your food is ready.

    26. A cold brew maker so you can save a bit of cash now that the weather is getting warmer and you have the perfect excuse to drink even more iced coffee. Just think about all the money you'll save if you brew your own...

    27. A handy purse hook, because often you're left with no option but to leave your bag on the ground, which isn't sanitary. Now you'll be able to lift your bag so it's within your reach.

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