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    20 Things From Jet That'll Complete Every Room In Your Home

    Give a little love to your home.

    1. An arch floor lamp that'll provide light to even the darkest of living room corners. Now you can get light without taking up space on an end table.

    2. A versatile textured chevron pillow for your sofa or bed that'll up the cozy factor in either room.

    3. A geometric rug whose parallel lines and light color will draw the eye forward, making whatever room you place it in seem larger.

    4. A floral runner any table in your home would be lucky to have placed atop it.

    5. A velvet tufted storage bench to place at the foot of your bed for extra seating and a convenient place to keep extra sheets and throws.

    6. A star-shaped pendant light that'll catch the eye immediately, whether in your entryway or above your kitchen table.

    7. An ombre shower curtain because sometimes your bathroom needs a refreshing pop of color. Plus your shower curtain is a great way to get creative in an otherwise plain (and kind of bland) space.

    8. A stylish faux-fur throw for warmth, but also to provide that finishing touch to the foot of a bed or draped over a sofa or chair.

    9. Two-tone seagrass baskets to hold throws or even shoes. The bonus? This basket comes in a set of three, has handles for easy transport, and can double as a decorative piece.

    10. A storage unit perfect for your entryway or mudroom. You and your guests will forever have a place to hang jackets, plus store shoes and umbrellas.

    11. A retro color-blocked art piece you can hang alone or add to an eclectic gallery wall.

    12. A pom-pom adorned white quilt with two shams so your bed will always look crisp and snooze-worthy.

    13. A hairpin end table because resting items on the arm of your sofa or chair is always a terrible idea, let's be real. This table can upgrade your space to that adult vibe you've been seeking.

    14. An industrial bookshelf to tie together all your ~adorable~ decor pieces. This piece will practically do the styling work for you.

    15. An elegant mirror that'll stand out in any room. I personally love to put a more ornate mirror in a simpler room like a bathroom.

    16. A gold-finished lantern to accent your bedroom while also providing some low light for reading.

    17. A rustic wall clock because is any room actually finished without a clock? I think NOT.

    18. A succulent garden so you can enhance the green factor in your space. Even if you have trouble keeping plants alive, these are incredibly easy to care for.

    19. A glam coffee table for your living room since any living room without one feels empty and rather sparse.

    20. And finally, a rattan headboard to complete possibly the most important room in your home: your bedroom. It contains your bed, so yes, it's VERY important.

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