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    I'm Gagging, But You'll Never Believe How Effective This Ant Trap Is

    YES, these photos are REAL!

    It's summer season y'all, which means glorious beach days, fruity popsicles, and rooftop happy hours! Unfortunately, it also means the dreaded why-are-all-these-ants-in-my-house panic that creeps up once the weather gets warm. You want to host a house party, not an ant party.

    Well, fear not, friends! I'm here with a MAJOR solution. Introducing: Terro liquid ant baits ($9.40 for a pack of two on Amazon)! Now, you may be like, "These def don't work." WELL, I hate to prove ya wrong, but take a look at these photos:

    CAN YOU BELIEVE?!?! These little traps are magic. All you've got to do is snap off the tab and place them wherever necessary. The design keeps the bait fresh, so it'll stay active way after you open it.

    As a heads up, the traps will cause an initial influx in the amount of ants you see. The main ingredient, Borax, causes a disruption to the ant's digestive system. The infected ant will have just enough time to head back to the colony, leaving a pheromone trail behind. Other ants from the colony will then follow that trail to the trap in hopes of a food source. The secondary ants will then become infected, causing a chain reaction in the entire ant colony.

    As more and more ants become infected, the traps will fill up. Eventually, you'll rid your home of the entire colony and the issue will be fixed. Seriously, these photos are ridiculous. And gross. But almost mesmerizing?

    So, what are you waiting for? Don't spend big bucks on an exterminator when the solution is less than $10!!!!!

    You can get two traps from Amazon for $9.40 (also available as a pack of three).


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