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    24 Clever Storage Ideas For Your Desk

    Dedicated to all those people who treat their desk like a storage unit!

    1. A bamboo block set for smaller items like paper clips, pens, and binder clips. They won't take up much space and can stack on top of each other if you want them out of the way.

    2. A Poppin three-piece kit including an accessories tray, a file sorter, and a silicone grass organizer (ideal for pens). Each piece is sleek and modern, and can be bought separately!

    3. A hanging organizer that'll sit mostly below your desk, freeing up major space! It's made of powder-coated steel to ensure it won't scratch your desk surface, and has a tightening screw to stay in-place.

    4. Acrylic blue accessories to add a pop of color to your desk, while still getting some serious storage space. You'll be able to see everything clearly, so no more struggling to find that one thing you're looking for.

    5. A monitor riser with two sliding drawers, engraved slots for a mug, pens, or paper clips, and underneath storage for a keyboard. Plus it can hold up to 150 pounds, so yes, your monitor or laptop will fit.

    6. A cascading wall organizer that'll sit neatly against the wall, giving you more countertop space to work with. Each colored folder can hold up to 50 sheets of paper and the bottom pocket can be used to hold a monthly calendar.

    7. A tech organizer with space for your iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and chargers. The little bento box is compact, great for travel, and features adjustable compartment dividers.

    8. A clamp-on organizer that can rotate a full 360-degrees! When in need, you can swivel it out to grab a pen or energy bar, then swivel it back so it's neatly tucked away.

    9. A galvanized organizer, because it's got multiple compartments and great style. It'll become your command center with slots for mail, notebooks, pens, and business cards.

    10. An adorable pencil case you can fold down for easy access. It stands on its own, has a clip for travel, and can also be used for cosmetics.

    11. Hanging baskets if you've got a cubicle that needs more storage options. Each basket is waterproof and holds its shape, so they won't look messy hanging against the wall.

    12. A dimmable desk lamp with a USB charging port and space for pens and pencils. The soft light is an excellent option for those late night work sessions when the overhead office light turns off.

    13. Rose gold business card holders so you always have one on-hand when necessary. The worst thing is coming to a meeting empty-handed, because they're stuffed somewhere in a desk drawer you don't have enough time to shift through.

    14. A curved paper display that'll showcase important to-do lists and papers so you'll stay constantly reminded of the tasks you gotta complete before EOD. It can also hold pictures and postcards so you'll always be able to stare lovingly at your furry friend waiting for you at home.

    15. A metal and faux-leather magazine and file holder so you can finally say goodbye to mile-high stacks of papers.

    16. A printer stand that'll fit neatly under your desk and finally give you a place to store printer paper. It always seems like you run out at the most inopportune time, so having a stack on-hand will help solve future printing problems.

    17. A paper clip cup if you're tired of those pesky little clips getting everywhere. And yet you can never seem to find one when you're desperately trying to secure the report you just completed.

    18. An adjustable shelf that'll play home to literally anything and everything currently sitting on your desk. It'll utilize vertical space and is customizable to your liking.

    19. A cell phone stand to keep your phone elevated and in clear sight while you work, instead of tucked in your pocket. It'll provide that resting place you've been looking for — just in case an important text or call comes through.

    20. A pop-up shoe bin, because haphazardly throwing pairs under your desk really isn't working out like you thought. Now you'll have a nice little cubby to keep a pair of heels and sneakers. You can also hide them away with the connected flap.

    21. A three-drawer file cabinet to hold overflow paperwork and file folders. It's an ideal place for important paperwork since the three drawers lock (keys included).

    22. A structural pencil holder that'll be an eye-catching piece just as much as a useful organizer. It'll bring your desk instant style.

    23. Or a slotted organizer for different types of markers, paint brushes, scissors, rulers, and sticky notes. In total you'll receive three standing organizers and two cups.

    24. A set of interlocking bins to keep your desk (or filing cabinet) drawer clean so you don't have to spend an hour searching for something you need asap (like a Tide To Go pen).

    Look at that organized desk!

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