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    If You're In The Market For Wireless Headphones, Check Out These First

    With over 17,000 five star reviews on Amazon, you pretty much HAVE to buy them.

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    Tired of annoying headphone wires that always get caught on your jacket, bag, or whatever else you might be carrying? Yeah, me too. I just want to have a jam session without interruptions!

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    Well, look no further. These Senso wireless headphones are the perfect choice for workouts or casual listening — they provide super-clear sound with great bass while remaining comfy in your ears. Hallelujah!

    They're also a crowd favorite, and have 21,000+ positive reviews from people who swear by them and mention their excellent sound, noise-cancellation, and overall value.

    The headphones are designed with flexible ear hooks, so they stay in place without causing pain. The battery life is impressive, too — up to eight hours of life with a quick-charge time of only an hour and a half. You can connect to any Bluetooth device up to 30 feet away, which means you can set your phone down and move around easily without losing sound.

    Reviewers swear by how precise the sound is, no matter where you are.,

    "These are by far the best headphones I've ever owned. I bought Beats because I thought they were good based solely on price. I was running a half marathon and it began to rain. Those headphones shorted out within 3 miles. These headphones held up in the rain and they still work. They're great quality and they withstand rain and sweat. What else can you ask for? And they're a great price." —Adrian Wiltshire

    "Best. Earbuds. Ever. For the price, this is an absolute steal. The audio quality, which is excellent for a set of earbuds, out-performs my wired Bose earbuds. How is this possible?! HOW?! This set came with two charging cords (one micro USB and one with a converting lightning/micro USB!!!), a car charger with TWO PORTS, replacement ear pieces, and a hard clamshell case. Did I mention it was only $30?!" —Amazon Customer

    If you want durable headphones (think sweat- and water-proof) that come with multiple earbud accessories and charging cords, these come through! Plus, at under $30, they're incredibly affordable.,

    "For the price I paid, you will not find a better-sounding set of earbuds. Responsive bass; sound doesn't bottom out or distort. They're super comfortable and well-made. I've used them for a total of six hours straight and so far I'm still on the first charge. They come loaded with charging accessories, different-sized soft rubber tips, and a nice carrying case. After seeing all the reviews, I jumped on them especially with prime." —Brenna

    "I'm very impressed with these earbuds. From the Senso box they come in, to the laminated instructions, these earbuds get an A++. They come with plenty of charging options and replacement ear pods. The carrying case is nice, too. They're easy to pair with my phone, and I've had no issues. The sound quality of bass and treble is excellent. I would definitely purchase again." —Timothy Coeburn

    I mean...look at all these ears rocking these headphones! You can answer phone calls seamlessly or just kick back and relax to the sounds of your favorite band in complete comfort.

    "These are fantastic. The sound is really good and pairing with my phone was a breeze. They are so great that my spouse keeps trying to borrow them." —OrganicMommy05

    "I’ve literally spent hundreds of dollars on name brands that don’t sound anywhere near as good as these! Plus they come with all kinds of extras buds and charging cords! I was worried at first because most earbuds either fall out of my ears or hurt like hell. The memory-foam earbud it comes with fits absolutely perfectly and with no pain." —Joshua lankford

    They might even (maybe??) motivate you to go on a long run or hit the gym.

    "Absolutely great earbuds. They paired up quickly with my phone. I used them yesterday for my 10k run." —Amazon Customer

    They come in two colors and feature a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy IF for any reason you're not feeling them (which, spoiler, you most definitely will).

    "These Bluetooth headphones fit well and feel great. The sound stage is very large and has deep bass, more that I had expected. The range is pretty good as well, plus the battery life is spot-on. I was weary of the wire getting in the way, but since the controls are on the the earbuds, the wire is never in the way. The wire is also super light, so it feels nonexistent. Since the controls are on the earbud, it is easy to locate them." —Mikel B. Bass

    "These are excellent for use in the gym, cycling, on the track, etc. For the price point (~$30) I don't know why anyone purchases anything else for five to seven times more. I've paired with my iPhone 6 and iWatch Series 3 to listen to iTunes workout playlists. They come in Apple-style packaging with multiple size earbuds, carrying case and charger, plus dual car charge adapter — great standard accessories! Not only that, the company is quick to respond with tips/help if you have any issues with connection, etc. Again, great product!!" —College Gal Dad

    "I like to listen to audiobooks while I’m doing yard work, doing housework, or cooking. I have small ears on a small head, so other buds would fall out when I bent over. These Senso earbuds are perfect! The earbuds stay in place, the sound quality is excellent, the instructions are clear and concise, and the connecting cord is flat and sturdy. They charge quickly and they really DO have eight hours of juice. I also didn’t have to mortgage the dog to afford them, which is another plus. Great job, Senso!" —PQrst

    I am so in love with you, wireless headphones.

    "These are super comfortable. The ear loops are very soft, so you don't feel them once they're in place. They stay on while exercising, and the sound is great. The extras in the package are a nice bonus. I would definitely recommend these to anyone." —bigal509

    Get them from Amazon for $29.97 (available in black with either gray or red accents).

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