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    33 Products That’ll Make Your Life Less Complicated

    "I got one less, one less problem" –you and Ariana Grande 🎶🎵

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A wall-mounted mail and key organizer to prevent the infamous "where the heck are my keys?" search just as you're about to head out the door. This one has five hooks and two pockets for important bills.

    2. A monthly planner so you can keep track of every appointment, lunch date, and important work meeting that's coming down the line. It has yearly, monthly, and weekly views, plus a ton of stickers and a 3D page.

    3. A pack of tea tree and calendula oil–infused pimple patches that'll clear up breakouts overnight by sucking out all the gunk and pus trapped underneath the skin. They'll simplify your skincare routine and solve blemish-related freakouts the night before a big event.

    4. An internet address and password book, because you forget your numerous usernames and passwords every darn day. Now you'll finally have one place to list every single one out, but pro tip — keep this in a very safe place!

    5. A mini steamer that'll have you looking like a damn professional before your big meeting – zero wrinkles, no stress! It'll produce steam in two minutes and last a full 15, so you can tackle your pants and shirt without having to refill the water tank.

    6. Adhesive underarm sweat pads, because we've all suffered from some intense perspiration stains. They're ultra-light, hypoallergenic, and non-scented. They'll keep you dry even in moments of panic so you don't have to worry about wet marks.

    7. An Otter Box iPhone case with a built-in PopSocket so you always have a firm grip on your phone when bumping into others during the commute to and from work. Dropping your phone and hearing the dreaded crack can seriously ruin your day, so how about avoiding that complication altogether???

    8. A silicone baking mold, because watching the bottoms rip from your freshly baked cupcakes or egg muffins can ruin the baking experience. You're trying to show these off at the next book club, not serve crumpled goods. It's your time to impress!

    9. A spot remover you can use on carpets, upholstery, and clothing — it'll instantly lift stains without the need for scrubbing or vacuuming. Plus it's non-irritating to skin.

    10. Or a multi-surface, natural enzyme pet stain and odor remover, because sometimes your pets have a little (annoying) accident. This spray will banish stains so you don't have to feel self-conscious about any urine smells when guests are over.

    11. A pair of blue light–blocking glasses for reducing digital eye strain and dryness from sitting in front of a computer all day long. When your boss dumps a massive project on your desk, you need to be at 100% and these will keep you there!

    12. A set of interlocking bins to keep that infamous junk drawer clean so you don't have to spend an hour searching for something you need asap (like a Tide To Go pen).

    13. A clip-on waterproof LED light for your pet so night walks aren't spent frantically searching for your pooch in dark. The lights can also be clipped to a jacket, keys, or backpack for helpful illumination.

    14. A magnetic menu board to end the guessing game on Sunday afternoon when you look at the week ahead and begin to figure out what you've got going on and when you'll have time to cook.

    15. A spice shelf that'll hold up to 40 pounds, transforming your current collection so you can actually find what you're searching for. No more fumbling mid-recipe for garlic powder or cinnamon!

    16. A Makeup Eraser cloth to remove everything with only the use of water. It'll make your nighttime routine oh-so simple. Which is great, because by the time you get home, you're always sleepy and never want to stand in font of a mirror wiping off makeup.

    17. An eyeliner stamp, because spending time in front of the mirror trying to perfectly match your wings is so frustrating. Those with shaky hands can finally get the sharp edge they're looking for — this stamp will provide equal wings each and every time.

    18. A set of bed bands so your fitted sheet stays in place through the entire night, saving you from constantly tugging them down each and every time you climb into bed. Plus, they're adjustable to fit any and all bed sizes or sheet types.

    19. A Zipuller, because we've all strained our arm trying to grab that darn zipper that is justtt out of reach. Why waste time trying to get your clothes fully on in the morning when you could be getting extra sleep???

    20. An anti-slip solution for anyone who's constantly nagged by sliding glasses during an important meeting. You're trying to explain ROI for a project, and you're already jittery with nerves, so having your glasses continuously slide down your nose is just a further distraction.

    21. A blow dryer holder so you can angle the dryer in the perfect position. Now you actually style your hair with ease, instead of awkwardly fumbling with your brush.

    22. A Billie razor (and refill subscription) so you can end the shaving nightmare of missed hairs, small cuts, and uncomfortable razor burn. When you sign up, you'll receive a *incredibly pretty* razor, two blade cartridges, and a magnetic holder.

    23. An over-the-door shoe holder that'll create major space in your closet — or for cleaning products. The process of dusting will be so much faster when you know where all your supplies live and you don't have to reach below the sink hoping to pull out the duster on the first try.

    24. A medicine cabinet shelf, because you've got so many products that they're starting to spill onto your bathroom counter. This shelf will help you rearrange the cabinet entirely, creating more space than ever for pill bottles, hair products, and makeup. AKA, when you need a painkiller or some hand lotion, it won't take you centuries to find it.

    25. A detangling brush to get the knots smoothly out of your hair post ocean-dip. The sand + wind has turned your hair into a literal bird's nest and you're just trying to detangle without crying a literal river.

    26. A jar and bottle opener that'll open items quickly, so you never again have to ask for help. It's great for those with limited mobility and only requires one hand to get the job done.

    27. A motion-activated toilet light so you don't stumble around the bathroom in the middle of the night when all you want to do is go and immediately get back into bed. If you spend too much time up, you're suddenly awake.

    28. A Dash rapid egg cooker, because a nutritious, hearty omelette shouldn't take an eternity to make (or be super difficult). It'll serve up hard-boiled, poached, or scrambled eggs in just minutes.

    29. An Amazon Fire TV stick that'll provide access to thousands of channels and apps, plus over 500,000 movies and TV episodes. So come Friday night when you're wayyyy too tired to go out, you won't have to Google "what should I watch tonight?" before picking something.

    30. And a universal attachment so you don't have to fumble between remotes when all you wanna do is watch reruns of The Office. It'll clip onto your Fire TV Stick remote and transform into the only one you need.

    31. A Squatty Potty to make your bathroom go-time more comfortable by relaxing the muscle around your colon, allowing you to ~release~ more quickly and completely. Constipation is fun for no one and this device will combat that experience altogether.

    32. A magnetic holder so you can mount your glasses, an ID badge, or earphones in a convenient place. Way too often you lose track of your glasses, so might as well end that annoyance now.

    33. A Frywall to prevent the awful oil and grease splatter that plagues your stovetop every time you attempt to cook. You just wanna consume a BEC on a Sunday morning without creating a mess and causing a massive cleanup after.

    You're welcome!

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