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    26 Products That May Help Your Post-Holiday Blues

    Turn that frown upside down.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A wacky waving inflatable tube guy, because it'll most definitely keep you entertained while you work. And honestly, it's a super cute desk accessory. Even if it annoys your neighbor.

    Promising review: "I opened the package and screamed for joy! As I placed the 9-volt battery, my hands were trembling with what was going to happen next! As I turned on the wacky waving inflatable tube man I knew I have a friend for life. Someone you can really count on cheering you up when you are feeling down. He brought me such Joy I started to cry with laughter and happiness."—Robert Wurstner

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99

    2. A screaming goat figurine that'll, yes, quite literally make screaming goat noises and easily become the most hated item by your family. But you'll consistently get a good laugh out of it every morning while you're eating cereal, so that's all that really matters.

    Promising review: "Oh My GOD! I just LOVE this freaking thing! I bought it for my office desk and let me just tell you, it makes me miss our goats at home (we have a small hobby farm)."—Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    3. Succulents to bring a bit of green to your space without over-committing to a plant that will need constant love and attention. You'll have smol lil' plant babies to care for without having to worry too much about their watering schedule.

    The Home Depot

    These Haworthia succulents are super cute and incredibly easy to care for. I have a few in my apartment, and I only have to water them every other week. They also love sunlight, so placing them near a window is best.

    Get a pack of three from The Home Depot for $17.58.

    4. And if you're in need of some adorable planters for said succulents, a couple felt planters that'll put a smile on your face each and every day.


    These are a ton of animals and styles to choose from and a lots of yarn color options! Heads up — these are made once you place your order, so allow for a few days before your planter is shipped!

    Get them from Amazon: the owl for $26, the koala for $24.90, and the fox for $24.90.

    5. A baby sloth mug to make your morning cup of java that much more enjoyable. No one can resist that sweet face.

    Urban Outfitters

    Promising review: "I gifted this to my best friend who loves sloths and she adores it! It’s really big and can hold a lot of liquid, too!" —Liv0614

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $16.

    6. Incredibly cute cat gel pens so note-taking can become a more enjoyable experience instead of a total chore. There's no better way to brighten up an early a.m. meeting or class than with an adorable pen (and maybe a gigantic coffee).


    Promising review: "I bought these pens once a whim – I just wanted something silly and cute for my desk at work. They’re so cute! They write wonderfully and feel great. I may even buy another set!" —Vittoria Lynn Valentino

    Get six from Amazon for $7.69+ (available in a set of eight).

    7. A complimentary doormat, because you should always be reminded about how fabulous you look (and are) every single day. Nothing like a little pep talk before you leave the house.

    Promising review: "When we saw this door mat we just HAD to have it. It's the first door mat for our new home and we couldn't have asked for anything better. The mat is heavy and super durable. We have had it now for about three months and it's hanging in strong!" —Tiffany Davis

    Get it from Novogratz onAmazon for $45.99.

    8. A pair of beautiful butterfly drop earrings to enhance your ear game and provide a bit of glitz and glam to your next OOTD. The body is lightweight so it won't drag your lobe down or get uncomfortable after hours of wear.


    Get the pair from BaubleBar for $38.

    9. Or abstract face and hand earrings you can wear while singing along to the ASIB soundtrack, including the smash hit Hair Body Face. If you're feeling particularly edgy, you can mix and match them!


    Promising review: "These earrings are perfect for a casual day or a day in the office. The fact that this one came with three sets makes it easy to mix and match the earrings especially because they are all made of the same lightweight material. One of my customers has them as well and we both agree that for the price we paid, they are a steal. I wear them almost everyday. Plus, they leave no green/black residue." —Piper Black

    Get the set of three from Amazon for $9.99.

    10. A pack of 16 Dermal Korea collagen sheet masks with Vitamin E to aid your skin's overall glow, elasticity, and tone. Nothing says an improved mood like some self-love. The pack consists of masks for different uses: brightening and clarifying, moisturizing and soothing, "anti-aging," and line reduction.


    Promising review: "These masks are amazing!!! Having 'ice pick' scars left over from acne I was told that I'd have to pay for expensive laser therapy because the body can't produce enough collagen to heal deep scars. I've been using these masks for two months and I've seen SIGNIFICANT reduction in my scars. They are almost completely gone!" —Shaun

    Get them from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in packs).

    And read what a BuzzFeeder writer has to say about these collagen sheet masks!

    11. A bag of lavender bath salt so you can soak your blues away after a long day. The lavender scent can induce sleepiness, while the sea salts can soothe aching muscles and soften skin., Amazon

    Promising review: "I've tried a lot of different bath salts, and these are about as perfect as bath salts can be! They're a fine grain that dissolves quickly with no gritty residue left in the tub, and the scent is lovely. Just a handful or two is enough to perfectly scent the water, which makes these more of a bargain than some other brands. Great purchase; I'll definitely buy again!" —Julie

    Get it from Amazon for $13.49+ (available in larger sizes).

    12. And a tub cover that'll add height to your bath water by suctioning on top of your overflow drain so you can finally soak comfortably. You've been looking forward to this bath since you woke up, you want to be FULLY SUBMERGED in hot water, not freezing cold because the tub won't fill up.


    Promising review: "Baths have changed for me forever! I can actually FILL THE TUB and not hear the dreaded sound of half my water (and my expensive magnesium flakes, essential oils, organic bubbles, and other fancy therapeutic ingredients) tragically vanishing down the drain. If you're a larger person trying to fit in a smaller tub, you know... THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. Now I can take more baths and enjoy more warm coziness all because of this little bit of silicone!" —anonymous

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99 (available in three colors).

    13. An essential oil diffuser to disperse the soothing aroma of eucalyptus or tea tree around your home. It's a great way to diffuse tension before bed (or after you wake up), filling your bedroom with lavender or peppermint to clear your mind and put you at ease.

    This diffuser can turn seven different colors and features a safety auto-off switch in case the water runs out to prevent overheating. AND on top of being a diffuser, it also functions as a humidifier to improve air quality!

    Promising review: "It has been wonderful using this diffuser. It makes my bedroom smell wonderful and I have been sleeping much better. I have recently gotten into essential oils and this diffuser was a great choice. It has a large enough reservoir (500mL) that is lasts all night. You can use the soft light choices if you choose. It is easy to operate and it is also a cool mist humidifier. So far I am very pleased with this product." —Reese12

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99+ (available in three styles).

    14. And to be used with your new diffuser, an essential oil pack that includes six different scents to try depending on your mood: lemongrass, peppermint, orange, lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree.

    The low down: lemongrass is for calmness and clarity, peppermint is for concentration and clear thinking, orange is for optimism and peace, lavender is for cognitive functions and alertness, eucalyptus is for optimism and concentration, and tea tree is for mental strength and calmness.

    Promising review: "I’m new to using essential oils and was very pleased with this set! I like having the variety of different oils in this package, I have infused each one at different times depending on what I want to focus on! A very handy chart comes with the oils to inform you of what each oil helps promote and helps relieve. Lavender has been my favorite, promoting tranquility and peace an relieving anxiety and stress! Love to diffuse these oils on my nightstand while sleeping!" —Nathan hoyle

    Get them from Amazon for $9.99.

    15. A John Frieda hot air brush so you can get a luscious blowout in about a third of the time without spending big bucks. The brush combines the effect of a round brush with the power of a blowdryer. And from experience, having my hair looking luscious always lifts my spirits.,

    I recently bought this brush and I LOVE IT!!! I wait for my hair to be 75% dry after showering, and then begin brushing through my hair. The hot air and soft bristles turn my naturally wavy and coarse hair into sleek and soft locks.

    The brush has two different heat settings and a cool setting to set your style. To use, section your hair and begin brushing like you would with any other round brush. The hot air produced will dry your hair in the process.

    Promising review: "This product is a game changer. I have thin but very curly/kinky hair that has become very damaged due to years and years of flat ironing. With this product, I can style my hair in less time and WITHOUT a flat iron. It gives me beautiful, soft curls that I've gotten tons of compliments on. I do wish the air stream were slightly stronger, but it's still an absolutely excellent product." —S.G.

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in two brush sizes).

    To learn more, check out our full review of the John Frieda Hot Air Brush!

    16. A Revlon lipstick, because nothing boosts confidence like a bold lip. It's the perfect shade of red, has extreme staying power, and a delish blend of avocado oil and vitamin E.


    Promising review: "My daughter's entire competitive dance team wears this lipstick for every performance and every game because if shows up so well and it looks beautiful. I think I've ordered a total of five or six tubes this year alone! I love wearing it as well, and get so many compliments on it when I do. It goes on glossy and stays on for HOURS!!!" —K.W. Adair

    Get it from Amazon for $3.95+ (available in 92 colors).

    17. A weighted blanket that literally mimics the weight of a hug to give you a little TLC while you're drifting off to sleep. The blanket will form to your body and is filled with glass beads to control temperature.


    Promising review: "This blanket does everything exactly as advertised. I got it for my husband's birthday. He suffers from occasional anxiety and often slept with pillows on his body. I debated for a while as it's not cheap, but it is WORTH the price. Thanks to the quilting, the weights don't shift around. It conforms perfectly to the body." —MKPersisted

    Get it from Amazon for $42.90+ (available in 14 sizes/weights and 21 styles).

    18. A pack of affirmation cards you can read every morning for an uplifting message. Or in those moments when you're feeling a bit jittery and just need a little boost of motivation.


    Promising review: "Seriously the best thing ever. I love these cards. Each one is unique and has its own hilarious, charming, and heart-warming description. It's also ridiculously spot on. Call it what you will but every time I or a friend draw a card, it is directly linked to something I am going through currently. It's AWESOME! It's always extremely uplifting, even on the toughest of days. I would highly recommend this." —Preston Parsons

    Get them from Amazon for $13.04 (for a deck of 50 cards).

    19. A yoga mat made from recycled bottles so you can find your center and enjoy some meditation time. The mat will grip as you sweat, has a natural tree fiber base, and can be wiped clean after use. You'll walk out of class feeling like a totally revived individual.


    What's cool about this mat is that it's made to be the combo of a mat + a towel. It has a towel-like texture, but is cushioned for support. It can also be tossed in the washing machine if you get extra sweaty.

    Promising review: "I am SO happy with my purchase! I've been using my mat every day at yoga class. It has gorgeous coloring, it's super soft, and changes colors when you touch it. Solid, durable and very well-made. Doesn't seem to slip and is supposed to do well with hot yoga, too." —Sarah

    Get it from Amazon for $78 (available in 20 styles).

    20. A dumpster fire enamel pin, because nothing sums up life post-holidays quite like a dumpster on fire. You can add it to your jean jacket or a backpack for a nice decorative touch. Honestly why do January and February have to be such a drag??

    Get it from Hella Cool Kids on Etsy for $10 (also available black and gold). Or check out the dumpster fire sticker for your laptop or water bottle!

    21. Personalized pet socks so you can always keep your beloved pet close to your...feet. Your fur baby is precious to you and is the ultimate therapy when you're feeling a bit down on yourself.


    You can personalize the socks during checkout. You'll be prompted to upload a photo of your pet to the website. All you've got to do is fit your pet's face within the given square and save it. You'll be able to see a preview of what the socks will look like before you buy!

    Get a pair from Firebox for $25.99 (available in two sizes and two styles).

    22. A massaging brush to use in the shower while shampooing and singing your favorite Harry Styles bop. The soft silicone bristles can promote blood flow, relax scalp muscles, and exfoliate your skin. Plus the massaging effect will just feel really damn good.

    Promising review: "I cannot explain how good this feels when you're using it! It relaxes you and for sure is better than just using your fingertips to shampoo your hair. It actually goes down to the roots and makes sure that it gets into all the spots it can to clean your hair. My hair has never felt smoother since I started using this product." —Romie Patel

    Get it on Amazon for $7.98+ (available in three colors).

    23. A wine subscription box that'll send (at least) three bottles of wine to your home per month. You'll take a quiz about your taste preferences and then ~voila~ it's booze o'clock baby.

    @winc via Instagram: @winc

    At the end of your quiz, you'll be presented with a mix of white and red wines. You get to choose how many you want of each. BTW, they also have rosé options available. Once you check out, you're officially signed up for the subscription, but don't worry! You can choose to skip months or even cancel the whole service altogether whenever you'd like. Bottles will be delivered directly to your door. Check out our full review of the Winc wine subscription here.

    Get a subscription from Winc with wines starting at $13 (and free shipping when you order at least four bottles). If you order now, you'll get a $20 credit!

    24. A worry relief journal, because sometimes putting something down on paper is the best way to realize that it's just a fear, not a reality. Reframing negative thoughts can greatly aid stress and anxiety and form better habits.

    Chronicle Books

    Promising review: "This has helped me mentally from overthinking and I’ve become more calm and overall happier." —Dorinda Walker

    Get it from Amazon for $11.87.

    25. And a gratitude journal to help you realize how many wonderful things you have to be thankful for. It's a fresh year, time for a fresh attitude!


    Promising review: "This book is perfect. I bought books like this for all my kids to keep and fill out throughout the new year but my son is an unimpressed 16-year-old so this book is perfect and will help ground him. At the top of every page it asks why you are grateful and on the bottom of the page it has a happiness scale. It also includes some inspirational and silly quotes. I plan to have all my kids write in their journals once a week." —Curlygulry

    Get it from Amazon for $11.23+ (available in 13 styles and two sizes).

    26. A habit-tracking calendar that'll help you become more aware of your everyday routine and what sets you up for success versus what drains you mentally, physically, and emotionally. You can track daily habits, weekly habits, and monthly habits and each month is themed to better help you in the areas of sleep, gratitude, and movement.


    Promising review: "I wanted to reduce stress and nail down some habits, and I've always done better when I can see progress tangibly. I'd been eyeing this calendar for some time, but was unsure if it was worth the money. I decided to go for it. SO glad I did. It has some 'homework' pages at the beginning to help you focus in on your goals. It has helped me be more disciplined AND narrow my focus, so I'm not worrying about doing everything under the sun each day." —Flight of Stars

    Get it from Amazon for $18.

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