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    25 Problem-Solving Things That'll Make You Say "Wait, How Does That Work?"

    Here to make your life a tad bit easier.

    1. A tub cover that'll add height to your bath water by suctioning on top of your overflow drain so you can finally soak comfortably at the end of a long day.

    2. Glasses designed with reflecting prisms built in to allow you to watch television or read without having to awkwardly prop up your head.

    3. A magnetic holder so you can mount your glasses, an ID badge, or earphones in a convenient place. (The back piece lays flat on the inside of your clothing while the hooked part sits on the outside.)

    4. Bluetooth Harry Potter–themed trackers to attach to valuable items you definitely don't want to misplace. The trackers will sync to your phone via an app.

    5. A Wallet Ninja that'll become the handiest tool because of its 18 (!!!) different carved-in functions. Plus it's only the size of a credit card, so it won't take up space.

    6. A mosquito control solution so you don't have to suffer from that yearly influx of incredibly itchy bites. You can sprinkle the bits (covered in a bacteria that kill the critters) around your yard or mix it into potted soil to prevent gnats.

    7. A jade roller for your face that can be massaged in upward and outward motions to help decrease puffiness around your eyes and improve dark circles — leading to an overall brighter complexion.

    8. Mederma scar gel that'll reduce the look of old and new scars by improving color and texture. A molecule in the gel promotes new tissue regrowth, ridding damaged and discolored tissue.

    9. An adjustable no-buckle belt so you never have to deal with uncomfortable buckles that cut into your skin. Instead, this belt attaches to the loops of your pants and can be tightened by a clasp to adjust the length.

    10. A pet bathing glove that'll double as a hose. It'll give you ultimate control while trying to wrangle your pooch into the tub. Just attach the glove to a shower head or a garden hose via the provided adapter!

    11. A stainless steel odor absorber to combat smelly hands after dealing with foods like fish, onions, or garlic. The stainless steel molecules bind with sulfur molecules on your hands and pull the smell away from you and onto the bar. SCIENCE!!!

    12. A hydrocolloid patch which'll absorb gunk and pus from inflamed pimples that just won't quit. Clear skin, here you come!

    13. A produce saver to lengthen the lifespan of your groceries by trapping and absorbing ethylene gas, slowing down the spoilage process.

    14. A sticky cleaning goo for use on electronics to get rid of dirt and crumbs from the tiniest of crevices. The cleaning compound in the goo literally absorbs all types of nasty residue other cleaners leave behind.

    15. A Grip Strip made from an incredibly strong binding compound so you can keep your phone securely in view while driving for easy-to-follow GPS directions. If you're not an iPhone owner, fret not! This strip holds all types of phones.

    16. A kitty litter that'll keep track of your cat's health by changing color to notify you that, unfortunately, something is up with your beloved feline. The crystals absorb your kitty's urine (bleh) and react based upon pH level or possible traces of blood.

    17. Blue light–blocking glasses for reducing digital eye strain. If you sit in front of a computer for hours on end, then these are for you! They can leave your eyes feeling less dry and tired by filtering out short wavelength blue light.

    18. A Squatty Potty to make your bathroom go-time more comfortable by relaxing the muscle around your colon, allowing you to ~release~ more quickly and completely.

    19. A sugar bear that'll maintain moisture in your brown sugar container because working with a brick is such a nightmare when you're trying to complete your recipe.

    20. A migraine relief stick if you're someone who experiences the pain of a really, really bad headache way too often (um, me). The mixture of peppermint, spearmint and lavender supplies a cool, tingling feeling and can help lessen feelings of pain.

    21. A peel-off charcoal mask to deep clean your pores by attaching to pus and fluid-like magnets as it dries. When you peel, that stuff pulled out, leaving your pores looking cleaner and smoother.

    22. Organic castor oil derived from castor seeds packed with nutrients that'll help promote eyebrow and eyelash growth for fuller brows and glam lashes.

    23. Anti-nausea wristbands utilizing natural acupressure technology to minimize nausea when you fly, are in the car, or on a boat.

    24. A jewelry cleaning brush because no one should deal with dull diamonds. This brush will make them sparkle just like the first day you bought them via teensy tiny cleansers and polishing agents.

    25. And finally, a makeup removing cloth that only needs water to wipe off everything because of the weave of the fabric. Yes, it's that simple! There are zero chemicals involved.

    Trying to figure out how some of these things work like:

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