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    28 Practical Things Your Parents Totally Want You To Buy

    Am I...turning into my parents? *As I put on a pair of glasses while sipping tea in pajamas at 8PM on a Friday night*

    1. A magnetic menu board to end the guessing game on Sunday afternoon when you look at the week ahead and don't know what to eat. Now you'll finally be able to upgrade from ramen and Uber Eats.

    2. A set of bed bands so you can properly make your bed for possibly the first time in your adult life! Plus, they're adjustable to fit any and all bed sizes or sheet types.

    3. An over-the-door organizer ideal for cleaning products. I can hear your mom squealing with glee, because organized cleaning products mean you may actually start successfully cleaning your home without her help.

    4. A medicine cabinet shelf, because you've got so many products that they're starting to spill onto your bathroom counter. This shelf will help you rearrange the cabinet entirely, creating more space for pill bottles, hair products, and makeup. AKA, when your dad visits and needs a painkiller, it won't take you centuries to find it.

    5. A bakeware holder for cupcake tins, cutting boards, pot lids, and any other items you usually throw into a cabinet and pray don't come crashing down. Pretty sure cabinet organization is the first step to impressing your 'rents.

    6. A car trunk organizer that'll create more room for a roadside emergency kit should an unfortunate event ever occur. It'll definitely give your mom peace of mind to know that you have one readily available.

    7. A pumice stone to remove calcium, lime, and hard-water stains without scratching your toilet bowl or sink (super important if you're a renter). Imagine your family not making a comment about the cleanliness of your bathroom when they come over!

    8. Or a clog remover so you can finally unplug your pipes without dropping big bucks on a plumber. It'll wiggle its way through your drain, grabbing hair and grime with its textured edges along the way.

    9. A paper shredder, because identity theft is not a joke, Jim!!! But seriously, this machine will help dispose of paid bills and old credit cards so your parents no longer have to worry about someone stealing your bank account number.

    10. A basic home tool kit so you can handle small repairs without having to call a handyman. It's like a right of passage of adulthood that you start fixing this on your own.

    11. And a 321-piece first aid kit so you can handle anything life throws at you. Hey – you've made it this far, so pat yourself on the back! But stay prepared, too.

    12. A reusable Baggu shopping bag that'll become your best friend while grocery shopping or running errands. Your mom and dad will be so proud that they raised an environmentally-aware member of society.

    13. An insulated Hydro Flask stainless steel bottle that'll keep your beverage hot for 12 hours and cold for a full 24 so you stay properly hydrated. It's BPA-free, incredibly durable, and spill-proof.

    14. Color-coded cutting boards, because mixing raw meats with veggies when prepping food is unsanitary! The last thing your parents wanna find out is that you've been putting raw meat near anything else in your kitchen.

    15. Charcoal air fresheners for your shoes or gym bag that'll banish all smelly smells probably lingering in your apartment. They'll absorb excess moisture, preventing mold, mildew, and bacteria build-up.

    16. A wall-mounted mail and key organizer so you'll always know where your keys and important bills are. Just think of the satisfaction you'll feel when your mom calls to make sure you've paid your electric bill and you can assuredly answer, "Already paid and mailed!"

    17. A legit Tuft & Needle pillow, because those pancakes you used in college aren't providing real neck and shoulder support! It's time to upgrade and start living like your parents, who have about 95 pillows on their bed, decorative or not.

    18. A five-quart prep bowl with three grating and slicing inserts that'll elevate your work done in the kitchen. If you're transitioning from home-cooking to your own, uh, concoctions, than this little gadget will come in handy.

    19. CarGuys Super Cleaner all-purpose spray to use on practically every surface in your car minus glass and dashboard screens. And it can be used on the exterior of your ride, so really it eliminates the need for other automobile cleaners.

    20. A garbage disposal foaming cleaner that'll reach deep into your drain pipes to eliminate grime and buildup on pipe walls and blades. It'll blast away odors, leaving your disposal smelling like sweetly scented flowers.

    21. A monthly budget planner so you always know how much you can allot to groceries and nighttime activities, with just enough left for rent 🙃. Can you hear your 'rents clapping in the distance??

    22. A mini alarm to carry with you in case of emergencies, because you can never be too prepared. When activated, it'll emit a high-pitch sound to deter and confuse an attacker, giving you more time to react and get away safely.

    23. A hand sanitizer, because the amount of germs you're exposed to on a daily basis is honestly horrifying. To combat getting sick (and inevitably calling your parents to complain), a reliable hand sanitizer is a must. This one kills 99.9% of germs and creates a barrier for up to 24 hours.

    24. A laundry soap bar and stain remover that'll lift serious stains, breathing new life into your clothes. But yes, you're still responsible for your own laundry since you're now an adult, SORRY!

    25. And mesh laundry bags so you can separate lights from darks, delicates from non-delicates, and socks. These will make doing your laundry so much easier (and faster).

    26. A topical ointment to treat minor aches and pains, congestion, and cold symptoms. It's pretty much a cure-all and can be applied to your chest, back, shoulders, and neck for instant relief. It's also great at de-stuffing a clogged nose.

    27. A DampRid Moisture Absorber that'll last up to 60 days once in-use and work best in smaller spaces (like a closet, bathroom, laundry room). Just think about all the moisture that currently resides in your bathroom post-shower. Yuck.

    28. A Delta shower head so you can increase your water pressure without wasting more water. And the self-cleaning nodules mean you don't need to spend time cleaning lime and mineral buildups.

    Your proud parents after you buy these things:

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