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    28 Pieces Of Decor That Are As Functional As They Are Stylish

    Pieces for your home that'll look good *and* be useful.

    1. Constellations peel-and-stick wallpaper so you can spice up any room, even if you are a renter. It's self-adhesive with no glue so you can reposition it if you feel like you've made a mistake. When you remove it, no residue will be left behind!

    2. An organizer that'll do the job you always seem to struggle with: keep your desk clean. With six compartments and two drawers, it'll decrease your workspace clutter so you can actually focus for once.

    3. A bar cart to create the perfect little serving station in your dining or living room. It can be used for drinks or food and rolled into any room thanks to its wheels. Plus the additional wrap-around gold bars mean items will stay in place as it's moved around your home.

    4. Pastel trinket dishes for your vanity that'll hold your jewelry and lipsticks. They nestle into each other, too, so you can mix and match arrangements to get the most out of each dish.

    5. A witty coir doormat, because you should always be reminded about how fabulous you look (and are) every single day. Plus, tracking mud into your home is the absolute worst, so having a sturdy coir doormat means less mess inside your front door.

    6. A magnetic key holder that'll hold multiple sets of keys so your family can end the panic-stricken morning car key search. It's super strong and can be perched in your entryway.

    7. A cubist floating shelf so you can utilize some wall space that would otherwise be wasted. You'll be able to stack books, give your precious plant baby a home, and display some photos.

    8. And! Mini succulent planters if you've got a full plant collection that needs a home. Succulents are a perfect way to add greenery to your space that also require minimal effort in the care category. Each comes with a drainage hole and a little bamboo tray!

    9. A set of minimal wall pegs to hang hats, purses, headphones, and backpacks. Whatever you need lifted from the floor or removed from a table — these wall pegs will be your answer.

    10. A peel-and-stick window privacy film you can apply for instant coverage if you feel a little bit too ~seen~ while inside your home. It'll block out 96% of UV rays, let natural light filter through, and help your home to feel a bit more private.

    11. A prism frame to showcase family vacation photos, times spent with friends, and scenic shots of your favorite locations. They can be displayed vertically or horizontally, hung on a wall, or placed on a tabletop. Plus, the design makes your image look like it's suspended mid-air.

    12. A two-tier tray that you can keep by your bedside for items like rings and glasses. It'll work in a bathroom or on an entryway table for keys, too.

    13. A Jonathan Adler hourglass vase, because every home seems a bit brighter with flowers. It can act as a mantelpiece object or table centerpiece come the holiday season, too!

    14. A mesh fruit bowl so you can keep a nutritious snack always within reach. If you're going to leave a bowl out permanently, you want it to be one that looks good. The double mesh walls will make the inner bowl look like it's floating, so yes, you can consider this decor.

    15. Areaware geometric coasters to keep out on your coffee table so guests don't leave water rings on your furniture after they walk out the door. And you won't even mind having these out and lying around just because of how darn cool they are.

    16. A desk lamp so you can read at night without keeping the overhead light on. It'll provide a softer light and give off super cute Pixar vibes.

    17. A storage ottoman perfect for shoes, sweaters, sheets, and literally anything else you may have lying around your floor. It'll also double as extra seating and free up space on The Chair where you dump everything.

    18. A sleek nightstand to hold your bedroom essentials and a few books. The two-tier design means you can hide some stuff away in the fabric drawer, avoiding visible clutter and mess!

    19. A toilet paper holder with a mini shelf that'll hold tissues, your phone, wallet, and whatever else you may need to rest for a second. It's a much more convenient option than leaving your personal items teetering on the edge of the sink.

    20. A blanket ladder to hold spare throws that literally cannot fit draped across the back of your couch. It's also a great solution for scarves, towels, or extra clothing.

    21. A rope basket, because chances are you have a ton of ~stuff~ lying around with no sensible home. Rope baskets are the perfect solution to miscellaneous items that desperately need to be collected!

    22. A vinyl record storage holder to hold your collection in a neat way so you have 'em all on-hand during your next party. The unit is shatterproof and won't warp under weight, so no matter how intense your music obsession is, this rack will hold everything.

    23. A moon-shaped neon light that'll sub in for a traditional lamp and provide more than enough light for your bedtime routine. It'll look super cute in your bedroom or even in a kid's room! No age limit here.

    24. Geode bookends so your mini library can stay organized and on full display. They're weighty, so yes, they will support your growing collection. They also feature rubber bumpers on the bottom so they won't scratch your shelves.

    25. A speaker lantern that'll give off a gentle glow (hello, awesome nightlight) *and* double as a speaker. The base acts as a battery pad, so you can set it down at night and have it fully charged by morning. You'll be able to listen to soft music before bed while also having a super cute lantern nestled in the corner of your bedroom.

    26. A magnetic shelf to hold all different types of things depending on where you place it. It'll magically create more space where you're home is (definitely) lacking, plus it'll look chic doing so. And! Since it can be mounted, it won't hog up your counter. Win!

    27. A storage bucket that can act as a utensils crock in your kitchen. It's a modern take on an everyday, functional item and will wrangle all your cooking tools into one convenient place.

    28. A nine-bottle wine rack so you can display your *precious* collection in style. And so you always have a bottle close by just in case the in-laws get a bit testy this holiday season. It can be placed anywhere and since it's so sleek, it won't take up much space but it'll double as a nice display piece.

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