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    32 Pieces Of Decor From Walmart That’ll Serve You Style And Function

    Because decor can be useful, too!

    1. A faux fur throw to cozy up with at the end of a long day spent in meetings that could have easily been emails! You can drape it over a chair or sofa, but then benefit from its coziness when you're beyond tired and just need some TLC.

    2. A baroque mirror you can place in your bedroom or bathroom for elevated elegance. Putting on your makeup in the morning will feel like a ~regal~ experience.

    3. A coastal-inspired wall clock that'll fit in perfectly with that beach vibe you've been trying to achieve.

    4. A Himalayan salt lamp designed to emit a calming amber light to soothe you. It's the perfect addition to a home work space to promote chill vibes when you're feeling a bit stressed.

    5. A mounted shelf with five hooks that'll be oh-so handy in your entryway. You can hang coats, keys, and even place bills to be paid on the shelf.

    6. Or an entryway storage bench so you have a place to keep that one pair of flats you wear to work every single day. Might as well keep them by the door!

    7. A mirrored tray to hold perfume bottles, jewelry, and some makeup, plus look super posh on your vanity. If you're gonna display your most-used earrings and rings, you might as well do it in style.

    8. A printed runner so your early a.m. bathroom trip is not met with an ice-cold hallway. You're trying to stay asleep, not wake yourself up just yet.

    9. A minimalistic doormat to greet you everyday and provide a place to wipe your feet. Tracking mud into your home is a lot more annoying when you're the one who has to clean it up.

    10. A set of onyx bookends so you can display your most recent reads or all-time favorites.

    11. A wax warmer that can replace those twenty candles you have placed around your home. Just place your chosen wax melt on the dish and turn on the warmer. Once the wax has melted, you can pour it back into its mold to harden and be reused.

    12. A desk lamp with a USB port so you can keep your phone charged while spending a late night at the office.

    13. A hanging succulent stand that'll provide some greenery without the necessary upkeep. You'll receive the faux plant, too, so all you've got to decide is where to place the stand.

    14. Colorblock curtains to provide a bit of privacy to your home. They're also a great way to sneak some style into a room.

    15. A floor pillow so you have extra seating when the occasion calls for it. It can easily be stored when not in use, too.

    16. A trio of seagrass baskets for extra storage that won't be an eyesore when left out. You can use them for throws, extra towels, or even shoes.

    17. A cotton pouf that can moonlight as a foot rest when needed. Any piece of decor that is also functional is something we can get behind.

    18. A floating shelf to display your favorite items without adding bulk to your walls. The shelf can be hung horizontally or vertically, and it comes with hidden hinges so you won't have to deal with unsightly brackets.

    19. A half-moon entryway table that'll play catchall to all the items you spend way too much time looking for every morning. Like your keys and wallet, for starters.

    20. A marbled cheese board, because when you're not serving up cheese and crackers, it can stay neatly on display and still be a beautiful piece of decor.

    21. An industrial grid wall shelf you can use for trinkets and pictures frames to impress your mom. She's made comments about your bare walls and now it's time to change her opinion that you live in an empty box.

    22. A peel-and-stick palm wallpaper if you're a renter who can't commit to painting your apartment, but can't stand looking at stark white walls anymore.

    23. A hidden globe bar cart so you can go between work time and play time seamlessly. Who wouldn't want an office that can double as a bar space?

    24. Or a more traditional gold bar cart that'll be incredibly useful during your next dinner party because yes, you are a functional adult that actually hosts gatherings.

    25. A side table with a bottom shelf for extra items that would otherwise pile up on your coffee table. Now you'll finally have a place for all those HGTV magazines you pull inspiration from.

    26. A straw room divider that'll nicely split up a room if you live in a studio apartment or have a roommate that you need some extra privacy from.

    27. A set of bulb lights to string along your patio for nights spent watching the sunset and relaxing with friends. They'll provide that dreamy soft light you need when sitting by the fire pit.

    28. A floral shower curtain so you can bring some color and pattern to an otherwise overlooked space. There's nothing wrong with getting playful with bathroom decor.

    29. And a giraffe holder to give your guests a little chuckle during their next bathroom trip.

    30. A soap dispenser set that'll brighten up your kitchen or bathroom and prove that small decor accents can really help in changing the overall vibe of a room.

    31. A sideboard to store your extensive DVD collection you once were so proud of and your new smart TV. You've converted to Netflix, but you're still having trouble donating all those Disney DVDs.

    32. A storage bench you can keep at the foot of your bed if you need extra space for bulky sweaters. It'll also give you an excuse to buy more clothes...if you happen to need an excuse.

    When your mom sees your newly decorated home:

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