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15 Moments You've Annoyingly Missed Because Of A Dang Migraine

Hang on, I can feel a migraine coming on...better head home...right now.

1. An evening out on the town with your friends because you just started to feel the tingly sensation of what's to come. You 100% wanted to hit up that new restaurant in the neighborhood...but not anymore.

2. The latest episode of your favorite TV show. Now you'll have to plug your ears and stay away from literally any type of social media until you can catch up.

3. That boxing class you booked earlier in the day when you were feeling like a million bucks. Now if you even attempt to squat, you may legit pass out.

4. A brunch date you made with your out-of-town bestie who's visiting for a very short period. The thought of not being able to see them for another couple of months is just making your migraine worse!

5. That big presentation at work you spent a lot of time on. Did I mention migraines sense important moments in your life and show up uninvited? Because they do!

6. Your cousin's college graduation which, hm, only rolls around once in their lifetime. Well...let's hope they attend graduate school and then maybe you'll be able to cheer in the crowd.

7. Your friend's birthday trip to the lake house you helped plan. While she's enjoying the weekend, you'll be sipping down water in a very dark room.

8. A movie date with your S.O. that you already bought tickets to. They either find a friend to fill your place last-minute, or you eat the money. Greaaaaat!!

9. The annual Black Friday shopping trip you and your mom always go HAM on. The thought of being in a crowd of people with a throbbing migraine is honestly making you nauseated. NEXT.

10. A cooking class you and your sister booked so you could learn some basic kitchen skills and, IDK, stop heating up pre-packaged meals for once.

11. A potluck dinner your neighbor is hosting, which would be a great opportunity to meet more people in your building and make a couple new friends. But yeah, guess that can wait.

12. A chill night in with your pals watching sappy rom-coms and diving into all snacks salty. You had planned on bringing your famous caramel-infused sea salt brownies, but can't even get out of bed.

13. Your brother's big-time college soccer game. It is his last game as a senior, but you've started seeing double. Maybe even triple.

14. The manicure and pedicure appointment you were so looking forward to. Everyone needs a treat-yo'-self day, but it seems like yours is gonna have to wait.

15. Your company's retreat all about team bonding. You were finally gonna get to know Jill in accounting, but now you're bonded to your bed.