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    32 Long-Sleeved Dresses Under $30 That'll Make You Forget About Pants

    Some even have POCKETS!!!!!!

    1. A collared skater dress that'll fit and flare in all the right places.

    2. A lace dress for those nights when you feel like dressing up and strutting your stuff.

    3. A casual cable dress you can pair with tights and a scarf for a fashionable fall look.

    4. A floor-length floral dress with pockets (!!!) to brighten any cloudy day.

    5. A maxi dress (also with pockets) so stretchy and comfortable, you can totally eat three dinners and no one will be able to tell!

    6. An open-back dress to show off a little skin, but still be cozy.

    7. A mesh sleeve dress that'll make everyone gasp from all the beautiful detailing.

    8. A split-sleeve dress for when you return from vacation and want to show off those tanned arms.

    9. A geometric dress all about making bold statements with its colors and pattern.

    10. A knit peekaboo dress to up your street style game. Just think about how cute this dress will look with your favorite pair of sneakers!

    11. A pink dress accented with adorable pom poms you can wear on a date, to brunch, or even to work.

    12. A faux-wrap velvet dress with a definite va-va-voom factor. Seriously! Show off what your parents gave ya.

    13. A polka dot dress that'll easily go from day to night and can be styled with flats or heels.

    14. A deep V-neck floral dress with a drawstring so you can get as flashy as you'd like.

    15. A cold-shoulder dress you can wear all four seasons. No, really! Pair with boots in the fall, tights in the winter, flats in the spring, and sandals in the summer.

    16. A purrrfect cat dress any animal lover will be impressed by.

    17. A sweatshirt dress to make dressing up and dressing down at the same time actually possible!

    18. A flannel dress (#pockets) so soft, you're gonna want to curl up next to a bonfire and roast marshmallows.

    19. A sporty color-blocked dress to wear to a concert with a comfortable pair of shoes so you can move and groove all night long.

    20. A maternity dress because yes, you can still look chic when you're preggo. And I encourage it.

    21. A denim dress that'll have you saying, "This ain't my first rodeo, I've looked this cute before."

    22. A chiffon cape dress so you can feel like the true superwoman you are!

    23. A flared skater dress with a delicate scalloped hem you'll want to twirl and twirl in.

    24. An out of this world space dress you need to buy ASAP for a Ms. Frizzle costume if you're a science teacher, or if you just really love space.

    25. A knit striped dress all about warmth and flexibility. It's so cozy, you'll forget you're wearing a dress.

    26. A dress with a faux blazer to give you that professional vibe for your next business meeting.

    27. A vintage shirt dress because everyone loves a little old-school look once in a while.

    28. A tropical dress you could definitely bring with you on your next beach vacation.

    29. A two-toned dress that'll become your go-to for any occasion. Work? Date? Party? Dinner and a show? This dress is a yes to all of the above.

    30. A tartan pencil dress to hug every curve you've got!

    31. A colorful, cold-shouldered maxi dress so you don't have to worry about how to mix solids and patterns. This dress will do that job for you!

    32. A houndstooth dress you'll consider a wardrobe staple after purchasing.

    When your friends see you flaunting your new dress:

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