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    21 Lightweight Sweaters That Are Still Super Cozy

    Light, breathable sweaters for max comfort.

    1. A long two-tone striped sweater with snap closures that'll layer perfectly over jeans or a pair of comfy leggings.

    2. A charming polkadot sweater to rock with a bold red lipstick. It also has cropped sleeves and detail buttons on the shoulders.

    3. A textured wrap sweater, because bundling up shouldn't mean sweating your butt off. This sweater will keep you warm without causing you to overheat.

    4. An adorable fox sweater for any animal lover to layer under a a vest or heavy jacket.

    5. A ruffled-sleeve sweater that won't restrict your movements, but will still provide warmth and style.

    6. A floral sweater for an everyday option that isn't too fancy, but still fit for a refined evening. It can be elevated to a night option when paired with dangling earrings.

    7. A V-neck, oversized sweater to pair with joggers for a go-to errands outfit that's both cute and cozy.

    8. A classic solid sweater, because everyone needs this staple in their closet. There's nothing more reliable than a couple different color sweaters to keep in rotation throughout the seasons.

    9. A long cut-out sweater that'll provide coverage over leggings and a fitted style to hug your silhouette.

    10. An open-knit sweater to tuck into your favorite pair of jeans. The open-knit geometric design will provide some much needed air ventilation.

    11. A colorblock sweater that'll be eye-catching when you enter a room with its bold color combinations.

    12. A silk-cotton cardigan with large buttons and an unfinished trim to wear casually with a pair of jeans or dress up with a skirt and tights.

    13. A baggy, off-the-shoulder sweater shirt, because a relaxed fit is the best fit. It has a high-low hem and batwing sleeves.

    14. A cable-knit sweater for a pop of color during the colder, dreary months when it seems like the sky is a constant shade of gray. Your wardrobe doesn't have to be the same!

    15. A ribbed, fitted sweater to wear with high-waisted jeans for a cropped look. You can easily take this sweater from daytime to nighttime!

    16. A multicolor striped sweater, because choosing only one color is sometimes just too hard. *And* it can go with a multitude of pants.

    17. A sweater with a built-in collar and hem so you can achieve the layered look without the extra bunching underneath.

    18. A waffle knit front-tie sweater to cinch your waist a bit for a streamlined look.

    19. A chic navy sweater with a dotted yellow faux-neck tie so you can accessorize with minimal effort.

    20. A leopard sweater you'll want to wear for a night out of ferocious fun. The ruffle at the end of each sleeve adds a playful touch.

    21. A versatile ribbed-sleeve sweater with a delicate side tie detail you can wear to work, dinner, or a show.

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