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    18 Journals That Might Help Reduce Stress (If Only A Little)

    It's time to pick up a pen and put down your phone.

    1. A habit-tracking calendar that'll help you become more aware of your everyday routine and what sets you up for success versus what drains you mentally, physically, and emotionally. You can track daily habits, weekly habits, and monthly habits and each month is themed to better help you in the areas of sleep, gratitude, and movement.

    2. A wellness planner, because self care is incredibly important! You can track physical habits, nutrition, and day-to-day feelings to better understand where you're at mentally and what actionable things you can do to better your well-being.

    3. A happiness journal so you can finally focus on the things in life that make you unabashedly happy. With so much going on in your day-to-day, slowing down and taking the time to write down what motivates you to wake up every morning can open your eyes to the many blessings around you.

    4. A self-exploration series of prompts, exercises, and inspirational quotes to help you rediscover your creative side. You'll be able to reflect fully on what motivates you, helping to better understand your core values and what makes you tick.

    5. A food journal, because keeping track of your food and water intake can help reduce one's stress surrounding proper hydration and nutritious eating. Eating well can have profound effects on your body — clear skin, improved sleep, and increased energy!

    6. Wreck This Journal so you can let out any anger and frustration when necessary. You can color outside the lines, wreck pages, and rip apart edges to let go of stress.

    7. A five-minute journal with guided prompts if you don't have a ton of time per day to get your thoughts on paper. You're busy, and you shouldn't feel robbed of your personal time! With a morning and night section, you'll be able to fit in a little you time even with your hectic schedule.

    8. A blank comic book to fill with your own stories, characters, and plot lines. You'll be able to dive into those scenarios you always create in your head while showering.

    9. Draw Every Day Draw Every Way, a journal for those who express themselves through images instead of words. Sometimes just letting your mind wander through doodling is the best medicine for overthinking.

    10. The Happy Book that'll help you celebrate the things around you that cause you to smile, no matter how small. By creating a record of what makes you happy, you'll always be able to look back during tough times to remind yourself that good things do, in fact, exist.

    11. A list-making journal for any A-type personality who reduces stress by...creating lists! Sometimes getting organized is the easiest way to center yourself and release anxiety.

    12. A peace of mind planner so your loved ones know your exact wishes post your passing. I get it — it's super dark and feels weird to plan, but the last thing you want your family to feel is stress about making plans were you to not be around any longer.

    13. The Positive Wellness Journal to nourish your mind and soul, set intentions, and reflect on the day's happenings. It includes breathing techniques and art therapy, plus a free-form build so there's no pressure to finish something by a certain date.

    14. A One Line A Day diary so you can create thoughtful memory book over time. You'll be able to jot down small snippets, thoughts, and comments day by day to get a full view on how you're progressing through life.

    15. A profanity-filled journal if using ~colorful~ language is your way of releasing stress (no judgement). It's filled with positive affirmations and activities to help you get out whatever is currently bottled inside.

    16. A reflections and intentions journal so you can record what you're grateful for and what self-improvements you're looking to make for a better you tomorrow.

    17. A dotted journal that'll give you total freedom to fill up the pages as you see fit. You can create lists, doodle, keep track of hydration, or write down any passing thoughts you want to remember later.

    18. A "daily creative companion" so you can literally take one page at a time to flex your creative muscles and take a break from the things that take up a large amount of your time (hmmm...social media, the internet, your phone). With 365 prompts you can write, reflect, list, draw, and share!


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