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    25 Decor Pieces That Are Simple Yet Necessary

    Time to decorate.

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    1. An indoor/outdoor rug to provide your floors with some cushion and warmth. With the low pile, it will withstand the elements and stand up to high-traffic areas. Plus, the muted colors will work with any color scheme.

    2. An organizer that'll do the job you always seem to struggle with: keeping your desk clean. With six compartments and two drawers, it'll decrease your workspace clutter so you can actually focus for once.

    3. A complimentary doormat, because you should always be reminded about how fabulous you look (and are) every single day. Plus, tracking mud into your home is the absolute worst, so having a sturdy coir doormat means less mess inside your front door.

    4. A set of pastel trinket dishes for your vanity that'll hold your jewelry and lipsticks. They nestle into each other, too, so you can mix and match arrangements to get the most out of each dish.

    5. A cubist floating shelf so you can utilize some wall space that would otherwise be wasted. You'll be able to stack books, give your precious plant baby a home, and display some photos.

    6. Mini succulent planters if you've got a full plant collection that needs a home. Succulents are a perfect way to add greenery to your space that also require minimal effort in the care category. Each comes with a drainage hole and a little bamboo tray!

    7. A set of minimal wall pegs to hang hats, purses, headphones, and backpacks. Whatever you need lifted from the floor or removed from a table — these wall pegs will be your answer.

    8. A peel-and-stick window privacy film you can apply for instant coverage if you feel a little bit too ~seen~ while inside your home. It'll block out 96% of UV rays, let natural light filter through, and help your home to feel a bit more private.

    9. A prism frame to showcase family vacation photos, times spent with friends, and scenic shots of your favorite locations. They can be displayed vertically or horizontally, hung on a wall, or placed on a tabletop. Plus, the design makes your image look like it's suspended mid-air.

    10. A two-tier tray that you can keep by your bedside for items like rings and glasses. It'll work in a bathroom or on an entryway table for keys, too.

    11. Areaware geometric coasters to keep out on your coffee table so guests don't leave water rings on your furniture after they walk out the door. And you won't even mind having these out and lying around just because of how darn cool they are.

    12. A toilet paper holder with a mini shelf that'll hold tissues, your phone, wallet, and whatever else you may need to rest for a second. It's a much more convenient option than leaving your personal items teetering on the edge of the sink.

    13. Geode bookends so your mini library can stay organized and on full display. They're weighty, so yes, they will support your growing collection. They also feature rubber bumpers on the bottom so they won't scratch your shelves.

    14. A moon-shaped neon light that'll sub in for a traditional lamp and provide more than enough light for your bedtime routine. It'll look super cute in your bedroom or even in a kid's room! No age limit here.

    15. A nine-bottle wine rack so you can display your *precious* collection in style. And so you always have a bottle close by just in case the in-laws get a bit testy this holiday season. It can be placed anywhere and since it's so sleek, it won't take up much space but it'll double as a nice display piece.

    16. A storage bucket that can act as a utensils crock in your kitchen. It's a modern take on an everyday, functional item, and it will wrangle all your cooking tools into one convenient place.

    17. Minimal wall art, because you don't need to cover your walls top to bottom to make a statement. AND you don't need super loud, busy art to crowd your apartment and make your space feel smaller. Sometimes, simple line art is exactly what you need to make your place feel homey.

    18. A flannel blanket with pom-pom edges to drape over your bed or the back of your sofa for a bit of added warmth. It's just lightweight enough to sleep with and can be thrown in the washing machine when it starts to smell...smelly.

    19. An adorable lumbar pillow, because IMHO no bed or sofa can have enough pillows. The cover is a thick cotton weave, so yes, it will survive a wine spill or two.

    20. A full-length leaning mirror made from shatter-proof glass so you won't have to deal with the fear of it falling in the middle of the night. There's also a built-in stand if you don't want to lean it against your bedroom wall.

    21. A rustic oversized clock that'll make Chip and Joanna Gaines proud, especially if hung over a farmhouse modern dining table.

    22. An over-the-door organizer so you can utilize for jackets and scarves, bags, or even towels (damp towels should not be left on the floor!!!). It'll be like you grew 10 extra hands when you've simply just added one piece of decor to your back of your bedroom door.

    23. An elegant brass lamp with a marble base that won't take up space nestled in the corner of your bedroom or living room. The on/off floor pedal can be tapped quickly for instant light as you're reading in bed or watching some Netflix before drifting off to sleep.

    24. A tapestry to add some texture to your walls if you're a bit tired of traditional framed art. It can be pinned to your wall, too, if you're a bit nervous of adding some ~beautiful~ nail holes into your drywall (hello, renters).

    25. Stoneware vases so you can feature an assortment of beautiful flowers all around your home. And when you're not showing off some blooms, you'll be able to use the adorable vases as eye-catching pieces on your coffee table or bookcase.

    Your home after buying these decor pieces:

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