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    Need Cutting Boards? Buy These $15 Color-Coded Ones ASAP

    "I be up in the kitchen safely cutting all types of food." –Fergie, probably

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    I think we can all agree that food safety is important. I'm not tryin' to contract any type of sickness because my food is unsanitary. Food contamination? Uh...

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    That's why these cutting boards are so necessary and so beloved by many. Seriously — over 1,000 people rave about them, and they're lightweight, sturdy, and color-coded for easy use.


    The different colors help to prevent cross-contamination when you're working with meats and vegetables. Now you can cook with peace of mind! Plus, the boards are non­toxic, BPA-free, antimicrobial, stain-resistant, and odor-resistant. Oh yeah, and they're only $15.

    People love how clearly the mats are labeled, as well as their smooth texture and non-slip bottoms, which basically makes slicing and dicing a joy:


    "My old set of flexible cutting mats finally wore out, so I needed something to replace them. Saw these, read the reviews and decided to give them a shot. Glad I did! They're thick enough to feel 'substantial,' but still flexible enough to curve to make transferring my sliced/diced ingredients into the pan or wok much easier. The non-slip 'waffle-grip' bottom works well on my solid-surface counter, too, with no slippage. And these are color-coded so that you can keep the poultry mat just for poultry, the fish mat just for fish, etc. They are thick and sturdy enough that so far, I'm having no problems with knife cuts on the surface — and I use the veggie mat daily. For the money, these are a relatively economical solution —dishwasher-safe, easy to store, etc. No complaints here." —L. Mountford

    "Very smooth surface and a nice non-slip texture on the back. If you've been using other plastic cutting mats with more surface texture, you are probably used to using some extra force to get your slices all the way through, fighting that texture. These being super smooth means you can chill out on the pressure and keep your knife moves smoother, too. Much easier all around." —K Wadsworth

    "I love these cutting boards. The waffle back is great because I always know which side I need to scrub after my husband uses it and if I place it on a damp paper towel it doesn't move. I appreciate the size — they are not too small or too big, but just right." —Betty Neifert

    They can also be put in the dishwasher and are a great way to teach kids that mixing types of food can be unsafe!


    "I loved how quickly thee came! They are very durable and I love how there are four, which really helps when teaching the kids how to cook and about cross-contamination with various foods. The pictures and colors help the kids when they're cutting things up." —Trevor Lauten

    "These are lightweight and take up minimal space. They're easy to clean. I place a damp kitchen towel under to fully prevent sliding. The colors and pictures are very handy to prevent cross-contamination." —Larry Elrod

    "These cutting mats are awesome! No cross contamination here. They're easy to use, flexible to fold and add my chopped food into the bowl or casserole, and are dishwasher-safe. Everyone should have these! I've ordered these for my family members as Christmas gifts. Beats the heck out of their chunky cutting boards. Great customer service is a bonus!" —Amazon Customer

    Seriously, what are you waiting for? Get the set of four from Amazon for $14.99.

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